“Being Here” in the Windy City International Film Festival

‘Being Here’, Windy City International Film Festival at Victory Gardens Theatre screens 7/19/2019 at 6PM. Starring MELISA BREINER-SANDERS (MFA, Acting, ’17) and featuring SHADANA PATTERSON (MFA, Acting, ’15). ISABEL LICHTENSTEIN (BFA, Costume Design, ’20) is the costume designer.

Seven Lovers Movie On Digital Platforms

Seven Lovers, available today on Amazon, iTunes, Micrsoft, Vudu, Vubiquity, Google, and Comcast. MÉLISA BREINER-SANDERS (MFA, Acting, ’17) is the producer.



















A young woman cycles through seven relationships, each one depicted in a distinct cinematic style. As she adapts all-too-seamlessly to the world of each new partner, she begins to ask herself the question: who am I when I’m not in love?

Source: Seven Lovers Movie