Great Expectations by Remy Bumppo and Silk Road Rising

Great Expectations, Remy Bumpoo and Silk Road Rising at The Historic Chicago Temple, closes 7/2/2017. LAVINA JADHWANI (MFA, Directing, ’15)  and NICK SANDYS (Faculty) co-direct.  LINDA GILLUM (Faculty) is in the cast. LEEA AYERS (MFA, Acting, ’16) and LAURA HARRISON (MFA, Acting, ’15) are understudies. ANNABEL ARMOUR (GSD) is the assistant director. MARGARET BAUGHMAN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’16) is the dramaturg. SPENCER BATHO (BFA, Sound design, ’16) is the sound engineer. VAHISHTA VAFADARI (MFA, Acting, ’15) is the assistant dialect coach.

Source: Great Expectations

Skin for Skin at The Agency Theater Collective

Skin for Skin, The Agency Theater Collective at Rivendell Theatre, closes 4/4/2017. AUDREY GLADSON (BFA, Acting, ’16) and TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’16) are understudies. MARGARET BAUGHMAN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’16) is the assistant stage manager, CRISTIAN ESPARZA (BFA, Costume Technology, ’15) is the costume designer, MANNY ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’12) is the technical director, and SEBBY WOLDT (BFA, Sound Design, ’16) is the sound designer.

Source: THE AGENCY THEATER COLLECTIVE | We are The Agency. So are you.

Vanya (Or, ‘That’s Life’) by Rasaka Theatre Company

Vanya (Or, ‘That’s Life’), Rasaka Theatre Company at The Edge Theater, closes 2/3/2017. LAVINA JADHWANI (MFA, Directing, ’15) wrote the adaptation. MARGARET BAUGHMAN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’16) is the dramaturg and MATT REICH (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the sound designer.


Source: Home – Rasaka Theatre Company-Chicago

much ado at Gorilla Tango Theatre

much ado at Gorilla Tango Theatre, closes 12/9/2016. REBECCA KEESHIN (BFA, Acting, ’17), JACK LANCASTER (BFA, Acting, ’19), CHLOE BALDWIN (BFA, Acting, ’17), TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15), LAURA RESINGER (BFA, Acting, ’15), MARGIE MULLER (BFA, Acting, ’17), and ELISE RIVKIN (BFA, Acting, ’19) are in the cast. MARGARET BAUGHMAN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’16) directs. SARAH E. WHITCOMB (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’19) and ABBIE O’DONNEL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) assistant direct.  ERIN COLLINS (BFA, Stage Managment, ’18) and LIV HANCOCK (BFA, Stage Managment, ’20) are stage managers. GRACIE MEIER (BFA, Theatre Management, ’17) is the production manager. MISHARI ZAMBRANO (BFA, Theatre Managment, ’17) is the graphic designer.

Source: Gorilla Tango Theatre