Having Our Say: The Delaney Sister’s First 100 Years at Goodman Theatre

Having Our SayThe Delaney Sister’s First 100 Years, Goodman Theatre, closes 10/10/2018. LINDA BUCHANAN (Faculty) is the set designer, JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is the lighting designer, DANIEL FRIEDMAN (BFA, Lighting Design, ’15) is the assistant lighting designer, BIRGIT RATTENBORG WISE (Faculty) is the costume designer, and NAN ZABRISKIE (Faculty) is the makeup and hair consultant.

Source: Having Our Say: The Delaney Sister’s First 100 Years | Goodman Theatre

Circle Mirror Transformation at Redtwist Theatre

Circle Mirror TransformationRedtwist Theatre, closes 5/14/17. TALIA PAYEMO (BFA, Acting, ’16) is in the cast. ELYSE BALOGH (BFA, Scenic Design, ’15) is the scenic designer. DANIEL FREIDMAN (BFA, Lighting Design, ’15) is the lighting designer. MANUEL ORTIZ (BFA, Acting, ’14) is the technical director. CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/criticism, ’14) is the casting director.

Source: Redtwist Theatre

dirty butterfly by The Blind Owl

dirty butterfly, The Blind Owl at Halcyon Theatre, closes 12/10/2016. AZAR KAZEMI (MFA, Directing, ’11) directs.LEAH RAIDT (BFA, Acting, ’11) is in the cast. BARRY BRUNETTI (MFA, Directing, ’98 & Faculty) is the production advisor, DANIEL FREIDMAN (BFA, Lighting Design, ’15) is the lighting designer, CASSANDRA KENDALL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is the special effects designer, ARAM MONISOFF (MFA, Acting, ’11) is the dialect coach,  MELANIE PLANK(BFA, Playwriting, ’11) did the poster design, MATT REICH (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the sound designer, and JACOB SHULER (BFA, Playwriting, ’12) is the dramaturg.

Source: dirty butterfly | Halcyon Theatre