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Calling all Star Wars and Star Trek fans, the future is finally here. Thanks to amazing innovations developed by engineers across the globe, smart home devices are now a popular choice on the market to upgrade your pad to another level. Gone are the days of using five different remote controls or walking downstairs to turn up the air condition as we can now operate multiple devices from the touch of a button. Most people these days are turning to voice control in their kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms to take better control of their area. If you’re someone who might not yet have home automation options in your area or a smart home device in your personal spaces, now is the time to learn what is available.

You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to have a smart house of your own. Across the web and in lots of technology stores like Best Buy, there are loads of affordable options. There’s devices catered to consumers who also have AI systems already in place in their home like the Amazon Alexa. Be sure to assess your financial budget, what kind of gadgets you’re into, and what functions at home you feel you need easier control of. Let’s discuss some of the best choices you can purchase right now to have the coolest pad in the universe.


  • Do you ever miss your alarm clock sound in the morning? Many people can answer yes as traditional clocks can die easily or go with an ear shattering sound. The sleep regulating alarm clock is a great choice for those who want a good night’s rest and an easy wake to the start the day. This alarm clock is special as it radiates a light, calming sound, and other audio patterns to help you fall asleep faster. It has a sleep-inducing lamp that emits a subtle light that won’t keep you wide awake for hours. For consumers who want even further detail, it provides thorough feedback on factors that disrupt your sleep as well.
  • Enjoy a hot shower? The smart digital shower makes your experience that much better with its digital inference that incredibly easy to install. If you want to be more in control of your water temperature and pressure without messing with handles that can go from freezing to scalding hot, this device is made for you. After you integrate it with your bathroom space, you can customize your own set of temperate and pressure settings that will be pre-set every day. With one push of a button, the water will enter the shower within those preferences, a privilege only a select few can have.
  • Self-adjusting thermostats take the pressure off your hands to keep your home cool in the summer and warm enough in the winter. This cool thermostat doesn’t just hang on your wall as a showpiece like some other choices do. With its complex software that constantly learns about your home’s temperature, it independently learns what your temperature preferences are and adjusts its settings to suit yours accordingly. If you’re worried about wasting extra money on utilities, this is a great choice as it helps you save money on your energy bill. If you ever leave the house but don’t want too much energy being used, the smart home automation device will turns itself down so your precious money doesn’t trickle down the drain.
  • Have a dog? Since our pets are just like family, we want to treat them just as well as we do with our home. If your dog is one who happens to sit by the window or door throughout the day to wait to go outside, this smart mat will notify you through your phone immediately. It can also produce an audible chime or a dog like bark to let you know that it’s time to let your dog out while they are patiently waiting. It’s a great device for all pet owners and their furry friends to have more peace of mind!
  • Dirty windows? Yes, there’s a smart home automation device for cleaning them too. You’ve probably already heard of a robotic vacuum cleaner that some home owners have like a Roomba. These are automated to buzz around a room and pick up any extra dirt left behind. This compact robot is capable of cleaning not only your hard to reach windows, but your grimy shower walls and tiled walls as well. It uses the technology of a high-tech suction fan to stay on the windows as it moves around so you can sit back and relax!

Get Your Tech

You don’t have to fork up a lot of money to discover great home automation options for your living space. Almost every electronics store, both brick and mortar and online, sell a wide variety of brands that carry devices that can easily transform your area into the smart house of your dreams! Remember, make sure to read customer reviews and assess your current technology systems that are already in place so a new device is compatible. Don’t be afraid to try something new, the time and energy saved will be worth it!

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