Benefits of a veterinary compounding pharmacy explained

Our pets are our family, and when it comes to taking care of their medical needs, many owners will seek to give them the best options the world has to offer. These days, many dog, cat and other animal owners are seeking the services of compounding pharmacies to help administer specific medications that traditional pharmacies can’t offer.

Medication for dogs in particular may be delivered by this method if they need unique medications at a given time. However, to most people outside of veterinary school, understanding the ins and outs of this process can be incredibly confusing at first. Simplifying all the basics of how most compounding pharmacies exactly work to help your pets will allow you to make the best health decisions for your furry friend.

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Animals can suffer from the same diseases humans can have at any moment, like itchy skin rashes, annoying eye and ear infections, stressful heart conditions, cancer, and or even diabetes. But medicating your pets present a conflict that often is best dealt with by using the unique process of compounding. Compounding is the known manipulation of any type of drug that extends beyond what is described on the drug bottle.

As any pet owner knows from experience, treating animals can be extremely difficult with hard to swallow or distasteful medications. Using a compounding pharmacy, an owner can mix their pet’s drug with another easily digestible substance, dilute it so it’s less strong as a dose, flavor it, or change the form of the dosage to ease ingesting.

Drugs should be compounded with the permission of the vet after appointment, since every patient’s needs and tolerance can vary. Typically, compounding is involved when the animal is experience a painful physical condition where no efficient medication is available to treat their symptoms.

With that in mind, vets develop the solution on a case by case basis that is influenced by the severity of the pet’s problem. For example, if a cat or dog needs a type of medication that is only being produced as a pill, the owner can seek a  to have the drug compounded into a flavored juice that the pet would love to drink down instead. Other alternatives are mixing two injectable drugs and preparing an oral paste that will be absorbed quickly by the body as well.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Checking out the source of your pet’s medication is as important as the actual drug. If your pet gets sick or needs medications frequently, take some time to look through the full variety of options that are available to minimize costs and hassle that’s avoidable.

If your veterinarian recommends a certain prescription medication, talk to them about your financial concerns and see if any other substitutes are available from locally trusted pharmacies. Other popular pet medications, especially ones meant to treat symptoms for infections in most mammals, may not immediately call for a written prescription for use.

However, it’s still wise to talk about all the ways to treat your pet with your vet before settling on a particular brand or method.

Most importantly, as you weigh your options between different pet medications, think about other helpful factors like the degree of ease in obtaining the medication, how it is administered, the time you will be spending to wait for it to arrive, and how long your pet will be reliant on it to see true results.

Getting Medicated

If you happen to find out that your dog or cat needs a compounded medication, be absolutely sure of where your resources are to obtain it. In most cases, your own veterinarian’s office can specifically compound a pet medication for you if the procedure is already considered legal in the state that reside. If it’s not, that office can also write up your own prescription and refer you to a veterinary compounding pharmacy for more assistance.

A big tip is to make sure that the pharmacy you’re referred is licensed within the same state. You can check their legitimacy by visiting the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy website and check what businesses are reputable with great reviews.

If you have more than one pet that happens to have the same symptoms, ensure that you do not resort to using the same prescriptions for compounded medications for them both. While this sounds convenient, the consequences are not as prescriptions are specifically written for individual animals. Using one pet’s compounded medication for another could seriously harm their health, an outcome you definitely want to avoid!

Final Tips

Finding the right fit of medications for our cats, dogs, ferrets, and other pets is easier than ever before with the help of more compounding veterinary pharmaceutical services.

Before jumping into any conclusions on what will suit your pet’s needs best, be sure to listen closely to what your vet has to say for their health overall. Many pet owners like to think they know the best method to take, but at the end of the day a pet pharmacy will be more equipped and experienced to get them on the road to better days to come.

Take time to compare the future costs of your options and the side effects that certain drugs may cause to your pet while they take it. The best way to help them feel better is to lower their discomfort when taking medication each day.

With the help of compounding and a written prescription from your vet, you’ll find a great solution for your pal in no time!

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