How to handle negative social media

As we all know many people like to troll the internet in their free time. Maybe they are bored and have nothing better to do, maybe it was a dare, or maybe they are just evil people who struggle to pass out any sorts of compliments. Either way, the sad truth is these people exist and we should all learn how to be prepared to deal with internet trolls.

Some types of ways people tend to troll

There are a few different ways people can troll brands or other people online. One of the most commonly used ways is social media, and posting bad or down right mean stuff on brands and other people’s pages is one of the ways these trolls try to spread their message. This could be comments on an Instagram post, starting a group on a Facebook page that attacks a septic brand or person, attempting to send direct messages to a brand that are unnecessary and vulgar, and I am sure there are many other types of ways they have found to attempt to get the attention of a brand or person and make them look bad.

My personal experience with Internet trolls

I have had many close encounters with Internet trolls myself. After losing a tennis match. I have received comments on my social media posts wishing for the most evil things, such as they hope myself or my family would all die a horrible death. I probably shouldn’t go into any more details but you get the point. It’s real tough to not respond to these awful remarks, especially after being frustrated about a bad loss, but this only make myself look bad and have a negative impact on how people view me. Nowadays, social media makes it very easy to block people who you don’t want to be able to see your profile and comment on your posts. This, along with the fact it is easy to report them, is a large strength of social media these days, and a great way to handle negative social media.

The difference between trolling and an unhappy customer

An unhappy customer complaining on social media about your brand is not necessarily a troll. Many people know that being loud on social media is a good way to get the brand’s attention for help about their issue. Instead of snapping back at the customer or being angry at them for being so public, make sure you respond to them immediately with solutions or contact information to further help them. Then work with your customer service department to make sure their issue gets resolved.

Trolling, on the other hand, are unhelpful or toxic comments that serve no purpose except to rile you, or others, up. It is important to not respond to these types of comments in anger, and know that the trolls are simply trying to cause a stir. Do not give them what they want and always conduct yourself professionally on social media.

How brands should deal with trolls

Trolls may have a specific reason for why they are attacking a brand or a person, or they may just be bored and want to cause some drama to add something exciting to their life. Either way, it’s very important for the brand not to get dragged into an argument on social media as that would be horrible brand management. As soon as a professional brand or company “claps back” and responds to trolls in a reactive, immature manner, the company is quickly criticized for their conduct.

First and foremost, brands should conduct market research  so that their message reaches the audience they want to target, and not the people trying to cause a fuss online. If you come across trolls online, or see that they have found your page, there is no better way to handle the problem than to just delete the comment or post, or report it and move on with improving the brand and expanding client base. If, for some reason, it happens consistently or it is an unhappy customer, attempting to solve the problem through the page can show future potential clients that your brand takes great ownership and responsibilities when it comes to Issues a costumer may have. This is a basic foundation of having good public relations skills.

Effective social media management can go a long way towards improving your brand’s reputability and image. Hiring a devoted full service marketing agency can help sit down with you to create original social media images and make sure it reaches the right demographic.