Time for an intervention

A lot of times when a young adult returns from college for breaks and the holiday season, there may be some things that have changed about them. As parents, you always hope a lot of these changes are for the better, such as more mature, more self-reliant and hopefully smarter. However, what happens if they begin to discover illicit substances you were hoping they would never come across?

Drugs and alcohol on a college campus

In college, there are a lot of opportunities that present themselves to students that allow them to come into contact with drugs. Some of the drugs that can be found on campus range from cocaine, molly, marijuana and many more. Being a naive student, they may have been dragged into such use by newfound friends, or they may just want to experience new and different things that they were unable to at home. The issue with these types of experiences is that drugs are highly addictive and can have detrimental effects on a student’s academic ability and overall health. Alcohol is another issue that college campuses face on a daily basis. Some colleges are meant to be dry campuses (however, it is highly unlikely that drugs and alcohol have never foundtheir way onto campus despite any rules) yet most colleges battle with students having too easy access to drugs and alcohol. Underage drinking on campuses  can be very prolific and many of my friends, when I was younger, got handed drinking tickets after being discovered using fake IDs to get into bars. Overconsumption of alcohol is another problem with the fraternity and sorority culture on most campuses. Getting “wasted” is something that is considered acceptable and people don’t even bat an eyelid when they see someone throwing up on the side of the road on a weekend; this is just the norm people have to come to expect on a college campus.

The adverse effects of drugs

Drug abuse is a topic that is definitely taken more lightly than they should be. A lot of my friends attending college use ,arijuana on a very regular basis to relax, some have even taken vocaine for a night out for a little more extreme of an experience. Not only are these incredibly dangerous even for one-time users, they are highly addictive and can make you become reliant on them. Prevalent use of drugs and/or alcohol can lead to someone eventually needing to go to a rehab center to get back on the right path to a sober and drug free life. College students that will have to go through a drug and alcohol treatment course in their life is not uncommon and that is not surprising given the amount of college students who now participate in these types of activities these days. They have definitely found their way into the mainstream of college life and many people think that these activities are totally fine and normal to participate in on a weekly if not daily basis.

What to do as parents and loved ones

If you are related to or a close acquaintance of someone that seems to be traveling down a dark road, do not just watch idly on as the dark road consumes their life. The further they travel on that path, the harder it is for them to find the light. Alcohol and drugs can slowly consume someone’s life. It can start as one drink or one hit for fun at a party, and turn into them becoming totally reliant on the substance to survive. Withdrawal symptoms of drugs and alcohol are very severe and can be very tough to overcome when they are in too deep, thus intervening before it becomes a crucial part of their life is important. Regardless of the stage, an intervention is necessary as soon as you learn of the drug abuse. To make sure that this is the case, take this intervention quiz to find out more about what it takes for an intervention to occur. If you don’t think you are capable of doing that alone, then get it touch with a professional interventions who can guide you and your family step by step through the process of an intervention. These centers are all across America and can make a big difference. Do not wait until it is too late!