When alcohol abuse hits home


At one stage or another, most adults in America have had a few beers, wine, hard liquor or something else to enjoy socially or calm their nerves for a certain occasion. A moderate drink here or there is totally acceptable and not even deemed harmful, even though alcohol is still a dangerous drug.

However, after you move from the stage of social or relaxing drinking to over-consumption and aggressive drinking habits, this drug becomes a lot more dangerous to the user. There are a lot of people throughout America who have to fight battles with themselves to keep their alcohol consumption to a minimum on a daily basis.

But when the binge drinking habits start to get the best of them, they could start to become a prolific alcoholic.

A lot of families do not know exactly how to deal with an alcoholic if they are part of the family, such as a son, daughter, mother, brother, spouse etc. They can have a hard time figuring out what the best way to help with their alcohol problem is. This is where making sure you have the right knowledge to handle this situation is crucial as you want to be able to have a positive impact and not create a more negative one.

How can you help someone with alcohol abuse

There are a few different approaches one could use that could eventually help a family member that is in desperate need of a life turnaround. Typically, someone who is an alcoholic or drug abuser would be in denial of their situation and would not want to admit to any faults or wrongdoings in their life. This is the first main obstacle you have to overcome in the recovery process, as coming to the realization that something has to change is the first step before that change can actually occur.

One way to help a family member realize this is to try and track their alcohol consumption in a very objective manner; the facts and figures of the matter would not lie. You would be able to present them with true numbers of how much alcohol they are consuming on a daily and weekly basis which would hopefully help them come to the realization that they do indeed have a problem. This entails that you do not let them out of your sight for very long as people with these types of issues typically tend to try and drink secretly as to not arouse suspicion from close friends and family that something is actually wrong.

Another way to try to get involved and help them change for the better is to have a family intervention, whether it is help for a spouse, a mother who consumes too much alcohol, or a son who parties too much and has turned into a binge drinker, a family intervention is never a bad idea; this is especially true when the intervention is well thought out, well planned out, and has a clear and concise point that comes from it.

The imperative reasons for stepping in and trying to get the family member or loved one out of their slump is to stop the addiction before it is too late. Many further issues can arise from substance abuse, the worst one being a fatality. However, other things such as liver disease, cancer and mental health issues can occur along the way. Acquiring a mental health issue from substance is common and can happen if the addiction is not stopped in time.

Dual diagnosis and what to do

If someone in your family has had an addiction for a while and has started to show signs of mental deterioration, it could very well stem from their bad habit of substance abuse. Once these signs are prominent, it is definitely advisable that you take them to a specialist who knows how to deal with an alcoholic or drug addict and get them on the path to recovery as quick as possible.

Drinking a lot of alcohol can put a lot of stress on mental functions and eventually can have an irreversible effect on the brain causing mental health issues that could last a lifetime. The longer this is left to happen, the worse the damage can be.

The best solution

In these types of situations where the damage is irreversible, there sadly never seems to be the best solution or an optimal outcome that can change the past, but it is the utmost responsibility of the family to make sure the issues do not get any worse.

When you see a family member intensely suffering from these issues or something else, make sure you are there to step in right away to lend a helping hand or put your foot down.

Never think that it is “too late” for someone to receive treatment or get help. There are times when it can be tough, but dealing with the headaches and arguments for a period is better than having to live your life regretting how you never stepped in.

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