Once a graduate always a graduate

Many times when a person graduates from rehabilitation they think that is the end of the road, that they will be clean for the rest of their life without having to put any effort in.

In fact, this type of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth; from a study conducted, it was found that around 40 percent of people that complete a rehabilitation program and achieve sobriety end up relapsing shortly after. This stat shows that there is a high chance that someone who graduated is still very susceptible to the lure of the substances they were previously using.

Why does relapse happen?

There are endless possibilities as to a particular individual’s situation and why a relapse would occur.

Firstly, a specific event could have triggered a relapse. This could range from something negative happening, experiencing something traumatic or even just a general change of circumstance. Any of these scenarios could lead someone to relapse as they feel that drugs is a way for them to get through this pain and these issues.

Even though they currently are not using the drugs, they have had an intimate history with substance abuse and therefore can easily fall back into that trap. Subconsciously they know they relied on drugs before to help them through situations, thus if something comes up again it can spark them wanting to use again in order to feel comfortable again.

Another reason relapse could happen is simply the addictiveness of the substances involved. For example, socially drinking alcohol sometimes is considered fine. However, if someone with a previous binge drinking disorder started to socially drink it could initiate the process of them relapsing.

Even though alcohol is seen as socially acceptable and it is a legal drug, it is still a drug nonetheless. Therefore, when someone wants to drink minimally, sometimes their bodies will just not allow it. They can become completely addicted again and before they know it they are back into their old habits they know all too well.

This same idea can be applied to drug users who went through a rehabilitation program, once becoming clean if they were to go back to hanging out with the same peer group then this could eventually lead to a quick relapse.  People always want to try and fit in and not be the odd one out, so if their peers are still heavily into using drugs then there is a good chance they would go back to using pretty quickly to not feel left out.

All these reasons and ways for a relapse to happen is why it is so important for drug rehabilitation graduates to be as positive as they can and keep their mind and body feeling healthy. It is and can be a continuous battle, and does not end when the program ends, the more they realize that the easier it can become for them to fend off a relapse.

Activities that can keep a relapse at bay

Staying sober after detox is the next main goal for people who have overcome a large hurdle in their life and ended their addiction for a period of time. Once they have moved on from the addiction recovery center and re-enter normal life, there are many activities that someone could enjoy to keep their mind on the positives and to keep their body healthy.

One of the main activities that a recent graduate could get involved in is exercise. There is a multitude of exercise classes that someone new to fitness exercise could get involved in. These range from spinning classes, martial arts, general body pump and boot camp classes and yoga. A lot of studies have been conducted on the benefits of excessive and the positive effects it can have on your body. It can keep your mind young and active and especially important for recent graduates is that it releases certain chemicals throughout your body that can produce feelings of happiness and positivity. These chemicals can hopefully replace the ones given to them previously by the drugs and alcohol.

One other benefit of these classes is it can bring a calmness to your mind and refocus you. This is especially true for yoga and there are so many positives that come from doing yoga.

Benefits of yoga for men range from relaxation, strengthening of the body and mind, a positive way to use time that could be used doing something else, and finally the social aspect of meeting new people.

This is also another opportunity for the ex-addict to find new social circles; hopefully, these new friends will help them become further removed from drugs.

What to do if relapse occurs

If, for any reason, a relapse is maybe in the process of occurring or it is on the horizon, do not be afraid to reach out to family and friends for help and guidance, and to also seek medical help again. There is nothing wrong if that happened, it can happen and do not feel embarrassed to have the problem revisited. 

These situations can be life or death, so saving your own life or a loved one’s life is nothing to be embarrassed about.


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