How can partying lead to heart problems?

Attending parties and binge drinking in college is a very regular occurrence for young adults these days. Across the country, campuses have had more students who are experiencing alcohol problems and alcohol related injuries than ever before. This is due to the fact that alcohol is so readily available wherever you go. It can be obtained in liquor stores, grocery stores, superstores and even the local shop on the corner of your street. This is especially true on college campuses, where students may not be mature or responsible enough to handle the effects that come with drinking. From weekly drink specials at the bars, to Greek life parties, a college campus can be an easy place to acquire and develop a drinking problem.

There was a recent national survey taken that found almost sixty percent of college students drank alcohol in the past month alone, and around two thirds of these students engaged in binge drinking during that period. It is very easy to be peer pressured into drinking; it can seem like a lot of fun at the time and new students wanting to fit in can sometimes feel obliged to do so. As there is drinking occurring almost every night on a college campus it can be hard to find yourself out of place if you start to develop a drinking habit. There will always typically be people you know going out and partying, and therefore if other people are doing it then why can’t you? No one ever thinks anything bad will happen to them, thus they drink without concern and can sometimes find themselves in a very dangerous position. Before you attend your next party, think about some of the serious short term and long term effects alcohol can have on your body.

Short-term effects on the body

When you drink alcohol, especially if you are binge drinking, there is always going to be a risk factor involved, whether it feels like it or not. After drinking a large amount of alcohol from mixed drinks or straight shots, people can experience a variety of debilitating symptoms. These include but are not limited to intense drowsiness, slurred speech, delayed motor actions, very painful headaches, vomiting, blacking out, vastly impaired hearing, vision, and judgement that can lead them to make bad decisions. Making bad decisions can heavily increase your chances of engaging in hazardous activities, such as getting behind the wheel to do drunk driving, falling victim to sexual or physical assaults, or experience any other alcohol related injuries. However that is not the only thing alcohol can do to your body. Put enough in your system and you may find yourself dealing with some serious long term health issues.

Long-term effects on the body

It’s definitely not something to take lightly when someone tells you alcohol abuse can lead to serious long term effects on a person’s mind and body. Besides severe withdrawal symptoms, they may also develop memory loss and lose concentration on tasks throughout the day. However the most dangerous effects are when it starts to increase the risk of you developing cancer in the colon, liver, throat, breast, etc., high blood pressure, and a damaged digestive system. A study about alcohol’s long term consequences also showed a link to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, where the heart can’t effectively pump blood through the circulatory system and arteries. Drinking alcohol will make you three times more susceptible to developing heart failure, having a heart attack, or a condition of irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation than the average human. Definitely becomes a no brainer to drink responsibly and heed the warning of people around you.

Getting help

If you think you may have alcohol issues then it’s not too late to get your life back on the right path. Trying to lessen your consumption little by little is key when trying to stop an addiction. If you try to stop altogether, the withdrawals effects may be too great to handle. It can be helpful to see a doctor who can create an action plan for your addiction. If you or someone you know has a habit of abuse, a great place for them check out or be referred to is an alcohol and rehab center. Elevate Rehab is a rehabilitation center based in California that has professionals on hand and working around the clock giving you the time you need to cure your addiction.

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