The drinking culture on a college campus

Finding alcohol on a college campus is becoming easier and easier. College students are more exposed than ever to a heavy drinking culture whether they like it or not. Many college campuses have bars that are packed most of the week, where you can find stumbling drunks roaming the streets as some students come back from a late night at the library. Having a fun time every once in a while is nothing to be frowned upon and I’m sure we have all been there and done that, however, when it slowly goes from once in a while to a few times a week there may be some early signs of alcohol addiction creeping in. As alcohol is a socially accepted and legal drug, people can overlook the dangers that come with it. Alcohol can cause serious long term damage to many vital organs of the body, and being on the lookout for some of the early signs of alcoholism can keep your or a loved one out of harm’s way.

What does alcoholism really mean

As binge drinking on a college campus is so prevalent, it is tough to tell what is normal and what isn’t. It is such a common practice for students to go out on a weekend and black out two nights in a row that it’s hard to determine if this should be considered alcoholism. In a snapshot glance you can’t tell, was it a one off weekend? Or do they do this consistently every week? Do they typically drink on weekends more responsibly? Or do they drink a little every day but monitor it carefully? Many people really do not know what constitutes an alcohol addiction and what alcoholism really means. Once an addiction starts, it can become engrained in someone’s daily routine and make it very hard to stop. Most addictions will not just stop on their own and a lot of time and effort is needed to help the individual through the recovery process. Making sure you understand someone’s situation before approaching them about what you think may be an issue is always important, as you do not want to offend someone or push someone further who does have an addiction. If you think someone you know needs help, then getting in touch with an alcohol rehab center is always an option. If you are worried about someone, you should highly consider familiarizing yourself with some of the signs of alcoholism before it’s too late.

A personal story

In college, we begin to decide what type of person we want to be and start to form friendships that can last a lifetime. These friendships can either grow over time or fade away as people start to become interested in different things. One of my close friends throughout college never drank before he arrived, but once he started he acquired a sweet tooth for alcoholic beverages. It started off with him going out every weekend, having fun at parties, and blowing off steam from the tough week of classes. The freedom of being away from home can factor into a student’s decision making as they want to experience what they couldn’t do previously at home. Being on campus is an exciting time for many and can change the way young adults act and behave. As it pertains to my friend, he believed that partying was the best thing for him as he came from a strict family, although this weekend partying started to turn into emotional binge drinking at home as the months went by. The initial excitement of drinking became a downward spiral that led to him using it as an outlet to escape from his problems. He wanted to stay in more and more and drink on his own without any interference. Fast forward a year, and after many months of rehab, he was back on track with luckily no serious long term damage. Alcohol is a poisonous drug and if you’re not careful, a lethal one. Overall it accounts for 2.5 million deaths a year. Please drink responsibly!

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