Writing for web pages or writing for novels

There are many different writing techniques one can utilize when content writing for a webpage. Marketing products online is vastly different than the writing you would see in a novel. Visitors to a web page typically spend less than 30 seconds on that page before moving to the next one, so you have to make your content snappy and to the point! The more time they have to waste searching for the information they need, the less chance you have of selling your products.

Web page design and content are crucial factors when it comes to online marketing. Not only do you have to factor in what your readers want to see, you also have to optimize for keywords so that your site will get a good ranking when it is put through a search engine algorithm.

This means that you have to write your content with two main goals: that of pleasing your audience and for SEO purposes.

What does SEO mean? And how do you prepare for it?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, means the process of content writing for a webpage with the purpose of increasing its ranking in a search engine algorithm. This is where it can become tough to juggle creative writing while still adhering to standard SEO procedures.

Firstly, make sure you plant relevant phrases and words that your customers would be using to find your content is key. When you type something into a search engine, these are the keywords these search engines are searching for. Thus, knowing what your keywords should be throughout your web pages can help improve the ranking.

Next, having a broken link on your webpage can greatly affect your webpage’s rating. Search engines want your site to be easy for people to navigate, so having broken links can ruin this experience for a reader and make it frustrating. Make sure you check for these potholes daily on your website as other pages you link to may have been moved or taken down.

Finally, just having good content on your webpage can help improve its rating. Having good content will mean other websites will provide links to your web pages on their sites. This gives your website a higher domain authority and boosting the rating in a search engine algorithm.

If you’re wondering why this would be so important, 60% of the first clicks in a search engine are accounted for in the first five results. This means if you want to get customers on your webpage, you better utilize SEO.

If you are serious about boosting your webpage,  Eminent SEO has great tips on how to improve your SEO and can even do it for you. They can help with anything from marketing, SEO and content writing to give your site more visibility.

Writing for your web page audience

First rule, never try and get too fancy.

Typically, people will briefly skim through your web page, meaning it’s likely that all those creative ideas that popped into your head were not even put to good use. Research actually suggests that only 16% of readers read every page on a website. Many people are online because they are in a rush; they want their information instantly. They don’t want to have to sift through line after line of creative writing to find the information they are looking for.

Granted, as a writer, there can be a fine balance to this, as you don’t want to become a boring writer. Adding in some creativity here and there can add interesting aspects to a webpage.

However, for the most part, you want to keep it as simple as possible for your information-hungry audience.

Secondly, assume you are writing for a lazy audience. Now I do not want to stereotype a lot of online users, but the easier something can be found, the better for us.

When I am shopping or looking for general information I do not want to have to spend hours chasing it. The more relevant content is placed in front of their faces, the better chance a lot of people will be a fan of your site.

Finally, just be yourself. Content writing and marketing will never work out for you if you’re trying to write in a style that’s not you. This doesn’t mean if you love to write creatively — just including your own flavor to your page is never a bad thing.

Times are always changing, so don’t be afraid to roam outside in the realms of the unknown. Thanks for reading!

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