Episode 022: John Adams II, Zekelman Industries

In this episode, we are joined by DePaul Alumnus, John Adams III. John is the Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager at Zekelman Industries, a firm that manufactures steel piping for large scale construction projects.

We’ve talked about steel on this podcast before, so you might remember that the industry is a part of well developed supply chain and is highly competitive, which hints at the importance of maintaining relationships and the possibility of price competition. John speaks with me about how his firm creates  value for its customers without falling into the price competition trap. Surprisingly, one of those value adds is an award winning website!

This is a really great conversation that we hope you’ll enjoy. If you’d like a primer on the steel industry as a whole, we highly recommend listening to last year’s conversation with Vice President of Market Development at the American Institute of Steel Construction, Brian Raff.


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