Sydney Sewell

By Victoria Williams
After Sydney Sewell’s first day of classes as a freshman, she went back to her room and wondered if DePaul was really for her. She had no idea that over the next four years she would make unforgettable memories and meet lifelong friends that she now considers family. 
As an Honors College student, Sydney studied Organizational and Relational Communication. Having been a dancer since the age of four, she decided to join the FunDivine Dance Team (formerly Nu’ance). FunDivine aspires to motivate, captivate, and encourage young women through dance and community building. 

HR Specialist at Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL

BA Organizational and Relational Communication 2017

MS Human Resources 2018

As Sydney became more involved on campus, she learned of the Chicago Quarter Mentor program. Mentoring has always been a huge part of her professional development, and serving as a CQM gave Sydney the opportunity to help first-year students during their transition to DePaul. She worked with faculty and staff to deliver the Common Hour component of the Chicago Quarter course. Additionally, she served as a peer resource to new students in and out of the classroom. 

“I would encourage first-year students at DePaul to step out of their comfort zone.”

Sydney then became even more involved on campus. After competing in the Nu Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated’s Miss Black and Gold Pageant, the fraternity members asked Sydney to become the official Pageant Coordinator! With a developed passion for empowering women on campus, each year Sydney worked to boost self-confidence, and highlight the success of each of the pageant contestants.
“Once I became involved on campus, my overall experience did a 180. I would encourage first-year students at DePaul to step out of their comfort zone.”
While excelling in student leadership and community building, Sydney never stopped pursuing her academic goals. Because of her passion for helping others, Sydney decided to continue her education at DePaul and earn her Master’s degree in Human Resources. As a double demon, Sydney Sewell now works as a Human Resources Specialist at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.