Jared Sabet

By Zoë Eitel
Though Jared Sabet’s remote internship was challenging for him to get used to, it was important for him to pursue a position with Facets Children’s Film Festival because he believes in their mission of using film as outreach and education to the Chicago community.
“It was a challenging experience for me because a lot of the opportunities granted to my position through education and community were halted because of the lack of in-person communication,” Jared says. My main goal was to ensure that our festival was ready to be presented to the public and keeping a database on future selections going forward.”
Jared assisted in the selection of films for the festival as well as checking technical specifications, organization and research. He says the internship ended up being very database- and organization-focused.
Something about the internship Jared really enjoyed was having a schedule and set tasks to help complete Facets’ mission. 

Festival Programming Assistant at Facets Children’s Film Festival

BFA Film & Television 2021

“Festival organization is a machine and if one cog is slow everything gets halted. I had to make sure I was on task every day,” he says.

The Career Center is a useful tool for any student if you’re intimidated by the world of application. The Career Center is glad to help.”

After working with the festival, Jared will be looking for internships and jobs focused more on production in the future.
“I loved my experience but I do want to change up my experience to find a more suitable career for my goals and wants coming out of DePaul,” Jared says.
After hearing a friend speak highly of the Career Center’s Internship Plus Award, Jared applied and was able to receive the award for this unpaid internship. He is glad to be able to get financial assistance while also filling a credit requirement for his program.
Along with the Internship Plus Award, Jared has been utilizing the Career Center’s resume and cover letter reviewing to get himself ready for his next career steps. He says the Career Center is a useful tool for any student, especially those who are intimidated by applying to jobs.
“My industry is not in the best place, so I’m definitely intimidated for the near future,” Jared says. “But DePaul offers alumni access to its resources and programs, so I am happy I have my educators and peers to assist me in the journey I’m still taking.”