Abbvie Internship by Tim Frenkel

AbbVie is a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company competing in the pharmaceutical industry. They are a relatively new company as they were founded in 2013 as an Abbott Laboratories spin-off. AbbVie’s goal is to give their patients’ a healthier life than they have ever thought possible. AbbVie fights for this goal by prioritizing in R&D for difficult-to-cure diseases. These diseases include both life-threatening illnesses and chronic conditions.

With a workforce of approximately 48,000 individuals, AbbVie’s team is primarily made from scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing specialists and regulatory experts. This workforce extends globally into 5 regions and in over 70 countries. These 5 regions are split up into the United States (U.S), Latin America (LATAM), Western Europe & Canada (WEC), Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (EEMEA), and Japan, Asia and Pacific (JAPAC) region. Although AbbVie’s impact is seen across the world, they are headquartered in North Chicago, Illinois. Leading this workforce, AbbVie’s current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer is Richard A. Gonzalez, while the Vice Chairman and President is Michael E. Severino, M.D.


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