Bon Aprontit Intern by Crystal Barron

Hi everyone! My name is Crystal Barron  I am a social media and digital marketing intern at Bon Aprontit. I’m excited to walk you through a day in my life as an intern!

Bon Aprontit is a small female-owned business founded in Chicago that sells a luxury collection of hand-beaded dress-like aprons. Their company mission is to increase confidence in women and make them feel more beautiful in the kitchen through their aprons while they cook, bake and host guests. Due to the size of the business, I have the wonderful opportunity of working closely with the founder of the company. I have learned directly from her about what it takes to successfully operate and manage an e-commerce business.

As a social media and digital marketing intern, I have various tasks and responsibilities that fall under several digital marketing specializations such as social media and content creation. One of my main duties is managing Bon Aprontit’s social media accounts, which are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. I utilize social media management platforms like Hootsuite and Later to schedule and publish social media posts. My work day usually starts by logging into each social media channel and monitoring important engagement key performance indicators from our in-feed and stories posts such as likes, comments, and clicks. After that, I analyze and interpret these metrics to determine the type of content that performs the best on certain social platforms and the content that is the most and least engaging to Bon Aprontit’s follower base. From the social media side of my role, I have learned how to execute brand storytelling through content and how to properly engage with followers using a brand voice.

Due to the pandemic, the work environment of my internship is fully remote and I accomplish all of my tasks virtually. One of the most important takeaways I have learned from working in a virtual remote internship is that communication is key in order to be successful. Every Tuesday, I have video call meetings with my supervisor, which are dedicated to creating a strong social media and content strategy and for brainstorming fun and entertaining ideas for Bon Aprontit’s blog and social media. These meetings have been one of my favorite parts of my internship at Bon Aprontit because I have a lot of fun collaborating with my supervisor and working off our ideas to curate new and engaging digital marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Overall, I have loved being a social media and digital marketing intern at Bon Aprontit. My internship has been a very rewarding and beneficial experience. I have expanded my knowledge in digital marketing and developed a diverse digital marketing skill set. I am looking forward to applying the knowledge and skills I have gained in my future digital marketing career.

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