Mayer Alloys Intern- Caitlin Quill

Caitlin was an intern with Mayer Alloys during the Fall 2017 MKT 393 class and continued her internship through the school year. 

What is it like to be a marketing intern at a metals company? Well from an intern at Mayer Alloys it can be quite different then working for some of your other marketing internships. Mayer Alloys is a Detroit based solder distributer who focuses on businesses to business solder sales, electronic recycling and metal scraping. Therefore I have to focus on business rather than individuals and the content that I put together is targeted towards other business. Mayer Alloys is a small business, we have about 10 employees but they do move a lot of business and outsource a lot of their distribution and marketing.

Some of my daily tasks include running the social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I also write blogs posts discussing the solder and recycling industry in order to help drive traffic to our website and therefore help to create leads and educate our customers on any solder or recycling questions they might have. I help manage their contacts and deals through their CRM system; Hubspot. I do also sit in on meeting where we discuss a marketing planning, including SEO and how to enhance their website, like adding pillar pages and CTA’s. Here is an example of a CTA ad that I made and a blog post:

Example of a CTA ad that Intern Caitlin Quill made

Since Mayer Alloys is a small business I am having a very hands on role within the company. Because Mayer Alloys is small my role switches a lot from day to day depending on what needs to be done for the company. Although it is a lot of work I am learning so much and I believe I wouldn’t learn this much about marketing if I were at a large corporation. I can see the effect of everything I do and everything I post so it can be very rewarding. The metals industry is a very niche industry so there are always challenges trying to tap that market and figuring out what marketing techniques will reach our target audience.

Overall, being a marketing intern at a metals company is interesting and very hands on but a very rewarding experience. I have learned so much and I am more prepared for a job in the marketing world after I graduate!

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