Worldly Strategies Intern- Cettina Nardulli

As the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Worldly Strategies, not one day is ever repetitive or mundane. Worldly Strategies, a digital marketing agency started by a DePaul alum,

Intern candidate Cettina cheering on DePaul

serves both small and medium sized businesses by utilizing the exponentially powerful realm of online marketing. The agency currently has over fifteen clients, while only having two employees–Becca Berkenstadt (the founder) and myself.

picture of instagram account

Doug Bruno Camp Instagram

Becca and I meet weekly to discuss current projects and learn new techniques. The remainder of my work is done at home. Each meeting flies by as both of us are fully engaged in the tasks at hand and eager to learn new things. Some of the knowledge Becca has passed on to me includes: web design, search engine optimization, creating content calendars for social media, and setting up online ads. After some detailed note taking and much question asking, I add a new skill to my toolbox! I take this knowledge with me and carry out more client projects from home.

Something that continuously keeps me on my toes is the diversity of industries that our clients reside in. One moment I am crafting an Instagram post for Doug Bruno Girls Basketball Camp, and the next I am creating a business card for M. Martin & Co. Jewelers. This need to make a quick switch keeps me both engaged and always entertained.

“After some detailed note taking and much question asking, I add a new skill to my toolbox!”

Being a Digital Marketing Coordinator also means having various Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. With so many accounts, I forget I have a personal one of my own! Using social media is important to our clients because more likes and follows lead to more interactions and ultimately increased transactions for their businesses. Managing social media is like an art and science. I test out new filters and types of posts then see how the followers react.

Chicago Visitors Guide Launch Party photo with 4 attendees

Chicago Visitors Guide Launch Party

An unforgettable experience has been launching another one of Becca’s companies, Chicago Visitors Guide: an online magazine giving tourists and locals the inside scoop on all things Chicago. We hosted a launch party at Catalyst Ranch complete with raffle prizes, a storytelling video, and a delicious cake from Sweet Mandy B’s. We also handle all the marketing and article writing for Chicago Visitors Guide alongside a few other writers.

Over the past eight months at my internship, I have acquired so much knowledge and have been able to gain experience in the fast-paced real world of marketing. At Worldly Strategies, while some processes are the same, I never know what could be next–and I love that!

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