Hotel Technology Trends: Mobile Check-In & Check-Out

If you own a restaurant or work as a manager, you must be prepared for the rise of mobile check-in and check-out. This is especially true if your restaurant caters to large groups—like sports teams or conventions—who might want to use their phones instead of wasting time waiting in line at the front desk.

Check in and check out

But what does it mean for you? And how can you prepare yourself for this change? Let’s look at some ways that mobile check-in and check-out will affect your business:

Mobile check-in and mobile check-out

Mobile check-in and mobile check-out are two of the most popular mobile services being offered by hotels today. If you’re unfamiliar with check in software, it is system that allows customers to complete their reservations online from their phones. They can select their room type, enter personal details and preferences, and even make reservation changes before arriving at the hotel.

The customer then arrives at the hotel and scans their room key at a kiosk or terminal, which will automatically connect to your system. This lets them access their itinerary and any special requests made before arrival (like extra towels or pillows). Mobile check-in/out also makes it easier for employees because it reduces the number of manual tasks required during each shift — which means less time spent on paperwork for everyone involved!

Guestroom control

Guestroom control systems are typically installed in hotel rooms, but they can also be used in other areas of the hotel, including the canteen or conference rooms. They allow guests to remotely control functions within their room from anywhere in the world via mobile devices or computers. This technology is designed to give guests greater control over their stay while making it easier for hotels to monitor and maintain their properties.

Reducing costs

Implementing a digital concierge service in your hotel allows employees to spend less time answering calls and responding to emails, which saves money on staffing costs. If guests need help outside regular business hours, they can use an app to get assistance instead of calling the front desk or sending an email. This frees up employees’ time so they can focus on providing more personalized service to guests who are physically present in the hotel lobby at those times.

Food and beverage ordering

Mobile food and beverage ordering is a great way to increase customer satisfaction because your customers will be able to place their orders faster than ever before. This means that customers will have less time to wait around for their food or drink if you have a busy restaurant. It also makes it easier for your employees because they won’t have to spend as much time taking orders or writing them down by hand.

Because so many people are using smartphones these days, it’s easy for them to take pictures of the food before they eat it and share those photos on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. This can help increase brand awareness for your business because more people will see how good your food looks before they try it themselves!

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