Unusual Remote Jobs You Have Not Heard Of

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Are you interested in working remotely? Does the idea of setting your own hours, working from home, and being location-independent appeal to you? Many remote jobs are well-known, but others, such as the ones on this list, may be new to you.

Mock Juror

Mock jurors are used by research companies to track trends and opinions about specific or generic legal situations. Mock jurors are selected based on specific criteria and paid by the job. These mock jury sessions help lawyers and other professionals make decisions about their specific cases by having virtual trial runs with their material and evidence.

Voice Over Actor

Voice actors can work for online companies and use home studios to record projects. A voice actor reads a script to narrate videos, for radio ads, for characters in animated films, and in many other situations. Jobs include news casting, narrating documentaries, and network promo voice over casting.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines require complicated algorithms to work well, and the better the results, the more people will use them. For this reason, search engine companies will hire evaluators to study the results they get and report on their quality and relevance.

Remote Professional

Remote professionals are people who have been trained and have experience in a professional setting and who are now performing that work remotely. Examples of remote professionals include tele-doctors and nurses, remote legal counsel, and educational consultants.

Tele-doctors are professional, licensed medical doctors who provide care remotely through phone conversations and video calls. These doctors can prescribe medication, listen to symptoms, and even perform limited patient evaluations. Remote nurses are similar, and can also provide consultations for any concerns that don’t require a doctor’s input, such as medication consultations, recommendations on at-home care, and referrals to doctors as needed.

Human resources consultants help companies with their human resources needs. These professionals often have specialties, such as helping small companies with the hiring or training process.

Remote lawyers can help with nearly any legal problem, and these professionals are usually specialists as well. Some lawyers work on retainers for companies or individuals, serving all their legal needs. Other remote lawyers work in a niche or specialty, such as patent and copyright lawyers, litigation lawyers, and consultants. Companies and individuals also need lawyers to write and evaluate contracts and documents.

Online Research

Online research is a huge and varied field and researchers might research information for legal cases, businesses, university studies, or anyone else who wants to know more information on a topic. Some of the most common research involves market research and legal research.

Legal research includes probate research, public records research, and court research. Probate is the process by which the court decides who is entitled to inherit property and research often involves searching for missing or unknown relatives. Public records research involves searching public records for files that may be needed, while court research is similar but may be more extensive.

Mobile Notary

A mobile or online notary works for people who need documents notarized, but rather than working in an office setting, they are available on-call or by appointment for individuals. Many documents need notarized, from mortgage documents to court papers and employment applications. Mobile notaries work in a local or regional area and drive to the location where they are needed. They usually charge a flat fee plus miles driven. Online notaries perform their services over video calls.

Research Participant

Research participants involve themselves in studies, such as university research, medical research, or government research. Participants usually have specific rules they must follow which depend on the study being done, and may be followed over a long period of time. Other participants only need to follow a few directions and take a survey. The pay for research participation varies with the study and length of time involved.

Online Investigation

Online investigators fall into several categories. Some investigation is civil or criminal and can involve private investigation for lawyers and their clients during court cases, custody battles, and corporate theft. Other investigators work on the financial end of things, auditing accounts and businesses, or investigating bills that have not been paid.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching can be a good job for those with experience. Coaches include music teachers doing online music lessons, personal trainers helping with physical fitness, and tutors helping children and students with their learning.

Video Game Testing

The dream job of teens, video game testing sounds fun but it does involve more than simply playing video games all day. Testers have to have the technical knowledge to spot bugs, glitches, and errors, and to be able to accurately record and report the problems. They have to be able to re-test after they have been fixed, as well.


Translators are in high demand, especially for those who know rare or unusual languages. Companies, hospitals, governments, and other organizations use online remote translators when they don’t have a local translator for that language. Translators have to know both languages very well and are confident and accurate in their skills.

Meme Creator

Meme creators work for the social management teams of businesses, governments, and social media pages to create memes. They have to stay up-to-date with what is trending at any given time and have a good handle on the political and social feelings of the country.

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