Important Facts You Should Know About Reverse Mortgages

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By qualifying for a reverse mortgage, homeowners aged 62 and older may take advantage of the equity they have built up in their houses. With a reverse mortgage, a homeowner who owns their house entirely or has considerable equity may take a part of their equity without having to return it until they leave the property. This is possible because the homeowner is not required to repay the loan until they leave the property.

When it comes to reviewing all reverse mortgage options, the following is a list of the most important information you should know:

  • The ideal candidates for reverse mortgages are retirees who intend to remain in their homes for the foreseeable future. Because the beginning costs of setting up a loan are higher than the beginning costs for other home equity loans, you will need to continue living in your house for a considerable amount of time for the loan to be cost-efficient.
  • The payments you receive from a reverse mortgage may also impact whether you qualify for help from specific government programs. Be careful to check in with the provider of any benefits you are now receiving or for which you may become eligible. This includes Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and food stamps, among other programs.
  • Using a reverse mortgage as a source of funds for investing, purchasing luxury or other non-essential products, or for any other purpose is not recommended. On the other hand, if you need to pay high costs or plug a hole in your budget, it can make sense to look into getting a reverse mortgage. However, you should be certain that the cash you get or the credit line you are granted because of your reverse mortgage will be sufficient to meet the current and future expenditures associated with those needs. Also, keep in mind that you will still be responsible for paying property taxes, the premiums for homeowners’ insurance, and any house repairs that may be necessary.
  • It is also a good idea to think about the different options you have. Certain countries provide tax credits or exemptions for older citizens. Others provide reasonably priced loans for house improvements.
  • If you are considering getting a loan for a reverse mortgage, you should look around for the best possible conditions and the lowest possible costs. Examine several different mortgage offers, and for each one, compute the amount of money you would need to pay and the charges associated with getting the loan. Credit unions and other non-profit organizations often have more reasonable cost structures. In addition to this, carry out the same computations concerning alternative transactions. Consider, for instance, whether you would come out ahead financially if you sold your property and moved to a different location.
  • Keep in mind that a reverse mortgage is one choice to generate cash when you need it, but in most cases, it is not the only one you have. Also, note that a broker or middleman may have a financial reason to get you to go through with a deal, but you should only get a reverse mortgage loan if you think it would be in your best interest.


Some reverse mortgage transactions are now being conducted with the presence of predators, who are constantly on the lookout for the hard-earned riches of the elderly.

It is usually never a good idea to use the money you get from a reverse mortgage as a source of funding for the purchase of another financial instrument. Be particularly aware of anybody who advises you to take out such an expensive loan to support an investment such as an annuity. Taking out such a loan might end up costing you a significant amount of money. Sometimes, predators looking to make large fees from the sale of annuities and other difficult goods will use reverse mortgages to convince their victims to part with their money.

Predators use a variety of tactics to profit from HECM and prey on elderly people. One dishonest person took the money from his customers’ reverse mortgages and used it for his gain. In recent years, some elderly people have been scammed out of their houses and their equity after being persuaded to participate as straw purchasers by “investors” who ran off with the loan profits. Others will contact older people and offer to help them find a reverse mortgage lender in exchange for a “small portion” of the loan amount.

Unusual Remote Jobs You Have Not Heard Of


Are you interested in working remotely? Does the idea of setting your own hours, working from home, and being location-independent appeal to you? Many remote jobs are well-known, but others, such as the ones on this list, may be new to you.

Mock Juror

Mock jurors are used by research companies to track trends and opinions about specific or generic legal situations. Mock jurors are selected based on specific criteria and paid by the job. These mock jury sessions help lawyers and other professionals make decisions about their specific cases by having virtual trial runs with their material and evidence.

Voice Over Actor

Voice actors can work for online companies and use home studios to record projects. A voice actor reads a script to narrate videos, for radio ads, for characters in animated films, and in many other situations. Jobs include news casting, narrating documentaries, and network promo voice over casting.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines require complicated algorithms to work well, and the better the results, the more people will use them. For this reason, search engine companies will hire evaluators to study the results they get and report on their quality and relevance.

Remote Professional

Remote professionals are people who have been trained and have experience in a professional setting and who are now performing that work remotely. Examples of remote professionals include tele-doctors and nurses, remote legal counsel, and educational consultants.

Tele-doctors are professional, licensed medical doctors who provide care remotely through phone conversations and video calls. These doctors can prescribe medication, listen to symptoms, and even perform limited patient evaluations. Remote nurses are similar, and can also provide consultations for any concerns that don’t require a doctor’s input, such as medication consultations, recommendations on at-home care, and referrals to doctors as needed.

Human resources consultants help companies with their human resources needs. These professionals often have specialties, such as helping small companies with the hiring or training process.

Remote lawyers can help with nearly any legal problem, and these professionals are usually specialists as well. Some lawyers work on retainers for companies or individuals, serving all their legal needs. Other remote lawyers work in a niche or specialty, such as patent and copyright lawyers, litigation lawyers, and consultants. Companies and individuals also need lawyers to write and evaluate contracts and documents.

Online Research

Online research is a huge and varied field and researchers might research information for legal cases, businesses, university studies, or anyone else who wants to know more information on a topic. Some of the most common research involves market research and legal research.

Legal research includes probate research, public records research, and court research. Probate is the process by which the court decides who is entitled to inherit property and research often involves searching for missing or unknown relatives. Public records research involves searching public records for files that may be needed, while court research is similar but may be more extensive.

Mobile Notary

A mobile or online notary works for people who need documents notarized, but rather than working in an office setting, they are available on-call or by appointment for individuals. Many documents need notarized, from mortgage documents to court papers and employment applications. Mobile notaries work in a local or regional area and drive to the location where they are needed. They usually charge a flat fee plus miles driven. Online notaries perform their services over video calls.

Research Participant

Research participants involve themselves in studies, such as university research, medical research, or government research. Participants usually have specific rules they must follow which depend on the study being done, and may be followed over a long period of time. Other participants only need to follow a few directions and take a survey. The pay for research participation varies with the study and length of time involved.

Online Investigation

Online investigators fall into several categories. Some investigation is civil or criminal and can involve private investigation for lawyers and their clients during court cases, custody battles, and corporate theft. Other investigators work on the financial end of things, auditing accounts and businesses, or investigating bills that have not been paid.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching can be a good job for those with experience. Coaches include music teachers doing online music lessons, personal trainers helping with physical fitness, and tutors helping children and students with their learning.

Video Game Testing

The dream job of teens, video game testing sounds fun but it does involve more than simply playing video games all day. Testers have to have the technical knowledge to spot bugs, glitches, and errors, and to be able to accurately record and report the problems. They have to be able to re-test after they have been fixed, as well.


Translators are in high demand, especially for those who know rare or unusual languages. Companies, hospitals, governments, and other organizations use online remote translators when they don’t have a local translator for that language. Translators have to know both languages very well and are confident and accurate in their skills.

Meme Creator

Meme creators work for the social management teams of businesses, governments, and social media pages to create memes. They have to stay up-to-date with what is trending at any given time and have a good handle on the political and social feelings of the country.

Is it necessary to hire a Las Vegas Criminal Defense attorney?

Many legal offenders believe their committed offense is minor and can get away with it quickly. Little do they know that the state of Nevada has severe consequences for the most minor crimes. This mindset is why they disregard the importance of hiring a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney.

For charges requiring you to appear in court for trials, hiring a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney is necessary.

Are there any consequences of representing yourself in the court of Nevada without a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Many people believe that they can represent themselves in court and will easily be able to defend themselves against the crime that they have been charged with. They tend to forget that even the most experienced lawyers sometimes fall prey to the prosecution and mess up the case.

Trying to represent yourself against a criminal charge is a risky decision. Most people are inexperienced and don’t know how to complete the paperwork correctly. They also do not have complete knowledge of the law, and the prosecutor can take advantage of it and trick you into believing things that aren’t true. You may also end up paying a high court fee, higher than what you would’ve paid to your lawyer, and invite more severe punishments for yourself.

Cases may get critical, and you may also come to a point where you do not know what would be the most effective choice in such a situation. You surely do not want to end up regretting your decision of self-representation and miss out on all the counseling and expert advice your Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney can provide to you. If you would like to turn the tables in your favor, it is necessary to hire a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney.


It’s a great attribute to take charge of your actions, but when it comes to a legal procedure where all of your future is at stake, it is always better to seek professional advice.

You certainly do not need a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney if you have a parking ticket or were caught driving without a seatbelt. However, if you have charges of theft or sexual assault, you must hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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Can Online Therapy Replace In-Person Therapy?


Over the past decade, the world has become more aware of the need for mental health solutions. In response, we have seen the rise of tech startups offering online therapy or virtual counseling. This is touted as an alternative to traditional in-person therapy. It has also been met with skepticism by some mental health experts.

The online therapy space was already blooming, but the pandemic led to an even bigger boom. During the pandemic, people could no longer see therapists in person. At the same time, more people needed therapy than ever before to manage the collective trauma.

Now, with life having returned to a semblance of normality, online therapy has retained much of its popularity. Is this sustainable? If so, should we be concerned about it potentially replacing in-person therapy?

How does online therapy work?

Online or virtual therapy can refer to a number of things. In a broad sense, it encompasses any therapy that occurs via an online medium. In other words, if you have been seeing a therapist in person for a few years and start seeing them via video call when coming into the office is inconvenient, that is online therapy. However, that is not what we are going to focus on.

Instead, when we speak of online therapy, we’re referring to the many websites and online platforms that offer voice or video therapy as a primary mental healthcare solution. These websites are not marketed as substitutes for in-person therapy. Rather, virtual guidance is presented as an ideal approach to therapy.

When we look at what online therapy offers, this starts to make sense. Online therapy is not just a glorified version of Zoom. It actually provides a process to onboard new clients and pair them with the best possible therapists.

The Online Therapy Process

Online counseling platforms begin the process with a simple online sign-up. You enter your personal details, expectations, the concerns you hope to deal with, your experience with therapy, and other relevant information. You can also provide details of your insurance so the platform can confirm that they accept it.

Once your profile is set up, the therapy website provides you with a list of recommended therapists. They will be matched as closely to your preferences as possible. You can choose the therapist you think you will connect with best. However, your decision does not need to be final. If you find that the therapist does not meet your needs, you can switch to another therapist.

This is actually a major advantage to online therapy. In the past, many people have stuck with therapists who were not the right fit because of the financial and time costs of finding someone new. With online therapy, you have no reason to stick with the wrong therapist just because you have done a session or two with them.

Potential Benefits of Online Therapy

But we would be remiss if we only mentioned the administrative side of online therapy. Proponents of virtual therapy do not simply recommend it because it is convenient and accessible. Rather, they claim that it might actually be better than in-person therapy.

There are a number of reasons for this. For some people, seeing a therapist in person is more inhibiting. While the therapist has the advantage of observing the person’s body language, that in itself can lead the person to draw inwards and exert greater control over their body. When there is a screen between therapist and client, they feel more at ease and can share more freely.

Online therapists have also expressed the benefit of having clients describe what is happening in their own bodies rather than the therapist observing it. The online setting requires clients to look inside and connect with themselves for this reason.

Finally, many people unintentionally use the time getting to their therapist’s office and waiting in the waiting room to ‘prepare’ for therapy. They think about what they are going to say and how they are going to say it, instead of expressing whatever comes to mind. People generally come to online therapy when the session starts, not giving themselves the opportunity to curate their thoughts.

On paper, the above all sounds great. However, there are naysayers, and their concerns should be addressed.

What are the downsides of online therapy?

No matter how a therapist and client approach online therapy, there are certain aspects in which it will differ from in-person therapy. As we mentioned before, it is more difficult for the therapist to observe body language. While this may improve the experience for some clients, it can be a barrier for people who struggle to get in touch with their bodies.

The lack of in-person contact can also impact the outcomes for certain people. Someone struggling with social anxiety can benefit from meeting their therapist in person, as it provides a kind of practice for real-world social scenarios. The online setting can provide a way for people with social anxiety to avoid facing their anxiety head-on.

Some mental health experts also cannot get behind the idea that meeting someone online can ever be as potent an experience as meeting them in person. They see great value in connecting with people in the real world – value that cannot be replicated in online sessions.

These concerns are all valid. But do they outweigh the benefits mentioned? Are they reasons to disregard online therapy as a primary treatment?

Does online therapy stand up to scrutiny?

The good news is that we don’t have to rely solely on speculation. A fair amount of research has been done into online therapy, both pre- and post-pandemic. Most of the research supports the validity of online therapy as a primary treatment approach, finding it as effective as in-person therapy.

There are some caveats. One study found that distractedness was more of an issue reported by therapists when therapy was carried out online. That same study found indications that a therapist’s negative attitudes towards online therapy could negatively impact the efficacy of online therapy. There can also be a learning curve for therapists new to online therapy which can lead to them being less effective during their first few months.

So, online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy in most cases. Does this mean it will replace in-person therapy?

Will online therapy replace in-person therapy?

For now, there is no reason to believe that online therapy will replace in-person therapy. There are still many therapists and clients who simply prefer to see each other in person. In other words, online therapy theoretically can replace in-person therapy, but it is unlikely to do so.

However, the evolution of the internet could change that. It is widely thought that we are on the verge of the widespread adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). AR and VR could effectively replicate the experience of the therapist’s office in future. At that point, online therapy may resemble in-person therapy enough for it not to matter at all.

That said, we are still a long way from full-dive AR and VR. For the foreseeable future, online therapy and in-person therapy will co-exist.

5 Things To Know About Living In Chicago After College


Do you want to continue living in Chicago after leaving college? The good news is that people living and working in Chicago love the city. There are jobs available and a high quality of life.

In order to take advantage of living in Chicago, you need to be prepared for what it offers (and what will be required from you). This includes how much you can expect to pay for rent, to get a local renters insurance coverage, the cost of living, and what you should get paid. With all the information at your disposal, you can make the best decision for your future.

Here are 5 things you need to know about living in Chicago after leaving college.

1. Rent is expensive (as is cost of living)

One of the difficulties you’ll encounter when setting up a life in Chicago is the price of rent. While far lower than in places like NYC and San Francisco, rent is still significantly higher than the national average.

How much higher? As of July 2022, you will pay about $500 more for a Chicago apartment than the national average. That amounts to $2,206 a month.

The cost of living is also high in Chicago, coming in at 23% above the national cost of living. This may seem prohibitive, especially if you come from a city where rent and cost of living is particularly cheap. However, there are mitigating factors. Namely…

2. Income potential is high

Fixating on the price of rent can make you lose sight of reality. Any dollar value means nothing without context. In Chicago, the important context is that income potential is high. The average Chicago worker salary sits at $74,000 per year. Compared to the national average of $56,310, the difference is significant.

In fact, since this means that Chicago earnings are 32% higher than the national average, they more than make up for the higher cost of living.

The good news for low-income earners is that Chicago’s minimum wage has just increased. It is now at $15.40 per hour for someone working for an employer with more than twenty employees and $14.50 per hour if you’re working for a smaller company. This is more than double the federal minimum wage.

3. You need renters insurance

Something many college-leavers do not know much about is renters insurance. Many young people haven’t even heard of renters insurance. However, it is crucial that you consider getting it.

Renters insurance covers your possessions in case of theft or destruction. In other words, if you lose your phone, it will pay for a new one. If the apartment you’re renting burns down, it will pay to replace your clothes, furniture, and other possessions. It pays claims even if your things are stolen in another country.

One of the most important aspects of renters insurance is personal liability cover. This will pay any damages you accidentally cause to others. Liability claims can quickly skyrocket, leaving you struggling to pay for a person’s health bills or repairs without insurance.

4. Inflation is making everything more difficult

While income potential in Chicago is high, and has risen in 2022, inflation is rendering those increases moot. With inflation at record highs, wages in Chicago are not keeping up. For this reason, it is going to be more difficult to make ends meet. A high-paying job sets you in good stead, but you may still struggle.

However, this is an issue throughout the country. Wages are increasing at a rate well below inflation in just about every city. The reality is that until inflation comes under control, the cost of living is going to be high no matter where you are.

The silver lining is that inflation will eventually drop. Prices will return to something resembling normal. If you manage to make it through 2022 with your finances relatively intact, you are in a great position going forward.

Choosing to live in Chicago after leaving college is a very attractive proposition. With salaries high, the cost of rent and of living in general are not prohibitive.

9 Tips for Stress-free Travel That Will Save You

There will always be some tension and worry associated with travel, but not all stress is negative. If it’s controlled and minimal, stress can help you stay alert and concentrate. It’s exhausting to plan travel dates, get tickets, pack one’s belongings, and race to the airport on time. We want to walk the thin line between healthy and unhealthy stress. But there are a few tips for stress-free travel that will save you the trouble of overthinking while traveling.

We’ll have you navigating the airport and your destination without incident, feeling ready, safe, and prepared to unwind, thanks to these travel tips and tricks.

Reserve Early

There are many advantages to making early reservations. You will definitely be able to book the flights and accommodations you want, and most likely at a lower cost. Additionally, you have more time to become enthusiastic about your trip and worry less about getting everything done right before you leave. But don’t limit your thoughts to travel and lodging.

RollInk suitcases pick-up reservation can be beneficial for minimizing stress. It will enable you to get into a vehicle quickly after stepping off the plane and kicking your feet up.

Create A Packing List

Even the act of packing itself can be stressful, especially if you’re rushing to get everything done. And if you forget to pack something important for your trip while you’re away, your stress levels will spike immediately. Making a packing list is essential for these reasons. This will serve as a helpful tool while you get ready for your vacation and make sure you don’t forget to pack the necessary stuff.

Register Online

Online check-ins ultimately save a ton of time. It results in less troublesome line-ups and a little more breathing room in the airport. The additional benefit of adopting digital boarding cards is that you can carry (sorry, lose) one fewer item while in transit while also conserving paper resources.

Destination Research

Knowing the lay of the land at your location will assist reduce stress whether you have cancer or not. Identifying healthcare providers and hospitals before you visit, for example, or understanding how to get from the airport to your lodging.

Put Your Medical Team To Work

As a safety measure, consult a doctor about any health issues well before making travel arrangements. Because oxygen concentrations and air pressure fluctuations at high altitudes might be hazardous, certain cancer patients might not be able to fly. Others are susceptible to developing more edema. To assist you in traveling securely, your doctor might advise using a compression garment or have additional recommendations.

Arrive Early At The Airport

This one is enormous. Leave early for the airport, allow plenty of time in case the traffic is severe, and act as if you are already on vacation as you make your way through security. If you’ve ever missed a flight, you are aware of the tremendous stress that results from doing so. After checking in and getting through security, you may have some extra time to go shopping, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, or savor a good book.

Set Up A Local Sim Card

Another important hint while traveling is to be able to contact friends, your accommodation, or a mode of transportation. A local SIM is an excellent choice if your regular supplier charges a premium for connecting you to travel data and international calls. Amazing bargains are available, especially in Asia. In either case, plan ahead so you can use your phone while traveling, and everything will go much more smoothly.

Install Home Surveillance Equipment

Worrying about your home continually prevents you from having fun, whether you’re on a short-term trip or a lengthy one. You will find yourself calling your neighbors frequently for assurance, especially if you live in a neighborhood that is vulnerable to robberies and other wrongdoings. You may always invite a friend or family member to stay the night or check on your home. However, installing a home monitoring system is a superior option.

Consider purchasing a cutting-edge home monitoring system to keep an eye on your house while you’re gone. Simply put, it’s a camera at the entrances to your property to view activity in real-time. Even alerts can be set up for particular circumstances. These indicators will instantly notify the police, keeping your property secure. Additionally, you can connect the device to your sophisticated home management tool.

By doing this, you can tailor your commands to the circumstances you encounter back home while you travel. When you are completely worry-free regarding your house, you can concentrate on having the best possible time on your trip.

Get Travel Applications

The best way to travel without stress is to download useful travel applications. These apps help simplify your life if you frequently forget flight times and have trouble getting seat reservations in time. The best thing is that if you make your reservations using an internet platform, you can usually download customized apps from such platforms to keep track of your reservations.

You can receive alerts on a regular basis regarding your flight times. Similar to that, you can easily reserve your preferred seats and complete check-in procedures in advance.

Painters and Decorators In London

One of the most important aspects of living in a new home or office is making it feel like you with some personal touches. While attempting to redecorate your space with paint, new furniture, and art can be costly, it might not be as difficult as you think if you enlist help from  painters and decorators London.

What Is A Painter and Decorator?

A painter and decorator is a professional tradesman responsible for the painting and decoration of buildings, both interior and exterior. They may also be required to carry out other associated tasks such as wallpaper hanging, minor repairs and plastering. In London, painters and decorators are in high demand due to the large number of older buildings that require ongoing maintenance. Many painters and decorators are self-employed but there are also many who work for larger construction firms.

The role of a painter and decorator is vital in helping to maintain the appearance of London’s many buildings, both old and new. With so much history and architecture to admire, it’s important that these structures are kept in good condition both inside and out. If you’re considering a career in this field, read on to find out more about what painter and decorators do.

Advantages of Using a Professional Painter and Decorator Service

When it comes to painting and decorating your home, there are many benefits to using a professional painter and decorator service. Here are just a few of the advantages:

1. Experience and Expertise
A professional painter and decorator will have years of experience in the industry and will be able to advise you on the best products to use for your specific project. They will also be able to provide you with expert tips and advice on how to achieve the perfect finish.

2. Time-saving
Hiring a professional painter and decorator will save you a lot of time as they will be able to complete the job much faster than you could yourself. They will also have all of the necessary equipment and tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

3. Stress-free
Painting and decorating can be a stressful task, especially if you are not confident in your own abilities. Hiring a professional will take away all of the stress and worry, leaving you free to enjoy the finished result.

4. Perfect Results
When you hire a professional painter and decorator, you can be confident that you will end up with results that are perfect in every way.

How to Find the Right Painting Company

If you’re thinking of hiring a painting company to spruce up your home, office, or other space, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one. Here are a few tips on how to find a good painting company in London:

1. Ask around for recommendations. If you know someone who has recently had their home or office painted, ask them who they used and if they were happy with the results.

2. Do some research online. Read online reviews of different painting companies in London to get an idea of what others have thought of their services.

3. Get quotes from several companies. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, get quotes from each of the companies you’re considering so that you can compare prices and services.

4. Ask about their experience and qualifications. You’ll want to make sure the company you choose is experienced in painting the type of space you have and that they have the necessary qualifications.

5. Make sure they offer a warranty or guarantee. This will give you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.