Moissanite Vs Diamond – Everything You Need to Know

Diamond has dominated the jewelry industry for as long as you can remember. However, things have changed with the introduction of other gems like moissanite. Today, the moissanite vs diamond debate continues with jewelry enthusiasts torn between the two. This is due to the close resemblance and similarities that these gems share. It is now clear that diamond has found an alternative. Read on to find out. 

Henri Moissan discovered moissanite in 1893 from a meteorite. Later on, researchers found it to be silicone carbide. Despite the close resemblance, this gem is not the same as a diamond, which is pure carbon. Many people confuse these two because they have some similarities. However, a careful look into these stones shows notable differences that you cannot see with the naked eye. 

Diamond is the hardest substance known to man 

On the Mohs scale of hardness, diamond ranks highest with a score of 10 out of 10. Therefore, it is the standard of hardness for many other gems available in the market today. Therefore, it is a great choice for all kinds of lasting jewelry products. 

Diamond is hard to scratch and damage and that is why people consider them a good investment for their money. Most importantly, it does not lose its value with time. Therefore, buying diamonds is profitable because it is a value-appreciating asset.

Moissanite – A great Diamond Alternative! 

There is no doubt about the quality and value of a diamond. However, it is still rare and not many people can afford it. For that reason, there has been a search for alternatives to diamonds to meet the jewelry needs of everyone. Moissanite is now trending among all diamond alternatives. Here is why:

  • Reliable strength and durability. On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite comes close to a diamond with a score of 9.25. Therefore, its strength is close to that of a diamond. In that case, it will suffice in almost any diamond application and use. 

Due to its hardness, it is hard to damage or scratch moissanite. Just like a diamond, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about your favorite gem. 

  • Value and Affordability. Despite having almost similar properties, moissanite is cheaper than diamond. Therefore, you will get diamond-like benefits at an affordable price. Even though they are not the same, the quality of moissanite is indisputable. Therefore, you have a better alternative in moissanite if you cannot afford to buy expensive diamonds. 
  • Moissanite beats diamond in producing a sparkle. With a higher refractive index than that of diamond, moissanite reflects light off its surface better than diamond. For that reason, it has a better fire and brilliance, which is vital for its sparkle. 
  • Variety of sizes and shapes. Lab-grown moissanite is available in different sizes and shapes. This is unlike diamond, which is limited to the shape formed in the earth’s crust. Therefore, it is perfect for custom jewelry designs. 
  • Light in Weight. The weight of moissanite is a fraction of the same size as a diamond. For that reason, it will make a perfect choice for making lightweight jewelry.  This is the stone to pick when making jewelry for wearing all day long. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance. One of the most important things to keep gemstones in their high-quality condition is by cleaning them regularly. With diamonds, you need sophisticated substances and equipment to do the job. However, all you need to clean moissanite is warm water, soap and a soft cloth. Consequently, moissanite has lower maintenance costs than diamond. 

Natural Moissanite is hard to find 

Most of the moissanite you find in the market is lab-grown. It is not easy to find naturally occurring moissanite from the earth’s crust. It is rarer to find than natural diamonds. Therefore, the ability to manufacture it in the lab was a breakthrough that has ensured its supply and sustainability. 

Do not confuse moissanite and diamond. They are indeed almost similar but they have their differences. For that reason, you cannot buy moissanite and pass it off as a diamond. Both gemstones are great for jewelry application and other uses. However, moissanite is more affordable and yet provides diamond-like properties.  

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