Choosing a Pedestrian or Bicycle Injury Lawyers

Florida legislation imposes lawful requirements on vehicle operators and their interactions with bicyclists and pedestrians. As Florida lawyers that practices in bicycle accidents & attorneys that practices in pedestrian injuries, we hold drivers accountable for causing damage to bicycle riders and pedestrians.

Bicyclists have the same legal rights as motor vehicle drivers on Florida’s streets. Sadly, drivers do not always adhere to the rights of bicyclists. Mindless or reckless driving behaviors frequently cause major incidents resulting in injuries to cyclists and pedestrians. Despite the fact that bicycle riders wear correct safety equipment, they are still highly exposed. What might seem like a simple mishap to the vehicle operator can lead to severe or even life-changing damages for the bicyclist.

While pedestrians are typically not moving at speeds as quickly as bicyclists, they are a lot more vulnerable since they typically don’t wear safety gear like a helmet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 500 pedestrians are slain, and about 7,000 are harmed in Florida traffic accidents every year. What’s most worrying is that many of those accidents are avoidable.

If you or someone you love has been damaged in a cycle or pedestrian accident in Florida, you are worthy of compensation. Our bicycle accidents lawyers and pedestrian accident attorneys can help you acquire the fair compensation you are entitled to for your losses, pain, and anguish.

Legal Rights and Obligations of Pedestrians in Florida

Pedestrians in Florida have the right of way when crossing the road. Even if an crossway has no crossing signals, drivers are responsible for yielding to pedestrians on the crosswalk. If, however, a pedestrian crosses the road where there is no designated crosswalk, they should yield to drivers. A pedestrian who darts into traffic or J-walks may be to some extent responsible if an incident takes place. Florida is a comparative fault state, so their portion of fault could reduce the pedestrian’s claim. Therefore, it’s ideal to get in touch with a Florida pedestrian accident lawyer to discuss the distinct details of your case.

Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorney Committed to Helping People Harmed by Driver Negligence Recover

The traumas bicyclists and pedestrians can sustain in car accidents can be critical. They may lead to past and future clinical debts, lost or reduced salaries from inability to work after the accident, dealing with property damage, decreased quality of life, and a lot more. One good thing is for victims of such misfortunes, our Florida Bike accident lawyers can assist them to recover damages through a personal injury lawsuit. In addition, our pedestrian accident lawyers are committed to helping injured victims receive the settlement they deserve for their damages.

Holding Negligent Motorists Liable

Cyclists and pedestrians know that many vehicle owners are not always as conscious as they should be of their environments. Although many urban areas have set up authorized bicycle and pedestrian lanes in rush hour zones, mishaps still occur. Bicyclists and pedestrians can exercise certain safety measures to make themselves more noticeable to drivers and minimize the threat of finding themselves in an accident. That being said, vehicle drivers are essentially required to drive carefully and in a manner that does not threaten others. Below are some usual motorist errors that cause cycle and pedestrian collisions:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding.
  • Texting while driving.
  • Opening a door into an oncoming bicyclist.
  • Turning right and hitting a bicyclist or pedestrian.
  • Side-swiping a bicyclist or pedestrian.

To identify if you have acceptable premises for a personal injury claim, you should meet with an knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer or pedestrian accident lawyer immediately. In the event that you hesitate to file a claim, you could possibly lose evidence and impede the success of your claim. For this reason, consult with a bike accident lawyer or a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as you can for your best odds at earning a reasonable settlement.

Measures to Take After Being Damaged in a Cycle or Pedestrian Accident

Whenever bicyclists and pedestrians are on the roadways, accidents are always a possibility. You might probably feel puzzled and overwhelmed in the first minutes following an incident. It’s most recommended to proceed carefully to secure your rights immediately following the collision. The following are some techniques to keep in mind right after you’ve been injured or hurt in a bicycle or pedestrian accident.

  • Get to a secure place – take a look around and locate a safe place to move to, out of the way of vehicles, to avoid even more injuries.
  • Keep your cool – take a minute to cool down prior to taking any action. Most essentially, under no circumstances admit fault or depart the scene.
  • Inspect your damages – You’ll probably have adrenaline running high and experience shock right after an incident, impacting your pain perception. See to it to examine yourself for serious evidence of injury thoroughly. Call an ambulance as soon as possible if you think there is any possibility you’ve been harmed.
  • Contact the police – stay on the scene up until law enforcement appear and see to it that all parties involved stay. If the vehicle driver leaves, get their license plate number.
  • File an accident report – Make sure that you give the authorities your statement for the incident report. If the cops only take a motorist’s statement, you are able to seek to have the report changed later on.
  • Obtain contact information – get telephone numbers, addresses, and insurance information of all drivers involved and any witnesses nearby.
  • Take pictures – even if your incident was small, take pictures of the scene. Photograph yourself, your bicycle, any vehicles involved, and the incident area. Be sure that you get pictures of any damage to the motor vehicle and your bike. Your bicycle accident attorney can utilize pictures to construct your case later.
  • Preserve evidence – this consists of your bicycle, which you should not try to have fixed until after your claim has been dealt with. Keep the clothing you were wearing at the time of the accident unwashed and avoid repairing any damages. Only share evidence with your bicycle accident attorney.
  • Receive medical care – Even though you think your injuries don’t require medical care, still see a doctor. Small injuries can become more severe as time goes on, and you’ll need to have proof of any potentially significant injuries.
  • Maintain records – keep a record of all hospital visits, interactions with insurance providers, or any other action associated with the incident. Your bicycle accident lawyer will need these records as proof to help strengthen your claim.
  • Do not communicate with insurance adjusters – the motorist’s insurance firm might actually try to contact you, but you should let your bicycle accident lawyer talk with them in your place.
  • Reach out to a Florida bicycle accident attorney or pedestrian accident lawyer. Although it is possible that you had partial liability in the incident, most collisions take place due to irresponsible or reckless drivers. Regardless of the situation, if a driver caused you injuries or property damage, they should be held liable. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident or pedestrian accident, talk to an accomplished bicycle accident attorney or pedestrian accident attorney to determine if you have a legitimate case.

Call a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer or a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

If you’ve endured an injury in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, our Florida pedestrian accident attorneys and bicycle accident lawyers can assist.

We understand that this is a difficult time, and we will do everything in our power to aid you and your loved ones. First, we’ll bring you comfort by dealing with communications and dealing with the legal engagement on your behalf. Then we will win you the settlement you deserve.

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