What Is The Best Handgun Caliber and Pistol For Home Defense?

Home defense is extremely crucial and thus, you should always be extra conscious while choosing your handgun caliber and pistol. Too often, we just go on selecting them so blindly, that we have no other choice but to regret it later on. Well, if you are going to purchase your first handgun, here are a couple of points to keep in mind. Today, we shall discuss ammo, size, ergonomics, price, and caliber to narrow down your selection for ‘the better!’ Natchezss Shooters Supplies offer the best handguns and pistols with the state-of-the-art specifications to make your picking easier than ever! 

  • Ammo: Bust or Hollow Points

Hollow point bullets are usually recommended for self defense purposes, for their stopping power. They are best known for their potential to stop in the drywall. Of course, you must check the caliber before opting for the one! 

  • Choose the right caliber

Caliber basically refers to the bore or the diameter inside the barrel of the gun. It can also depict the projectile or the diameter of the bullet that is ejected out of the gun. Most experts recommend opting for the 9 mm and 0.45 ACP cartridges, particularly if you are just a beginner and have no prior experience dealing with a handgun. The small size simply depicts the mild recoil and high magazines. On top of that, a lot of individuals from the police forces have recently switched to this 9 mm variety. This has even resembled the fact that while a lot of agents were not equipped enough in controlling the .40 S&W rounds, this was of course, the better one in the category. 

  • Fit of the handgun

The most significant thing about choosing a handgun is to go for the one with the right ‘fit.’ A full-sized handgun will always prove to be easier to handle, the one with the 5-inches barrels. Also, it offers more mass for better recoiling, and with a longer sight radius. It even comes with a larger area to grip, which will eventually enhance your overall experience of shooting. However, if you are looking for a model that becomes easier for you to carry, you may obviously go for the one that’s compact in size. 

  • Get the night sights

It is usually recommended to go for a handgun with the night sight. This is even more important to keep in mind since most of the encounters that occur tend to happen during the night time. Therefore, getting a pistol that falls under the category of a ‘night sight’ model is always the wisest decision to take! 

  • Action

Since you are going to pick a model for your personal use and home defense purpose, we suggest you go for a striker-fired handgun as its trigger pull is absolutely identical, at least in comparison to a double-action model. Usually, the striker handguns come with a flat look at the back of the slide without any exposed hammer. On the contrary, the double-action pistols generally involve cocking back on the hammer and thus, delivers heavy first shots. 

Top-picked calibers for home defense

Now that you have known the pointers that are to be checked while choosing your first handgun for home defense, let us go through a few models that might work good for you! 

  • 380

This is one of the most recommended ones in the list. It is absolutely lightweight and thus, becomes easier for anyone to carry! It is a typical small-bodied pistol and it would easily fit into your pocket too! So, you will not need an additional holster to take it along! 

  • 9 mm

Most people consider this 9 mm one to be the ‘most convenient’ when it comes to handling. Also, its ammo is the cheapest in the lot. On top of that, if this is just the start, this model will help you become more acquainted with your firearm. This is the most ideal one, keeping in mind that you need to practice more in order to gain enough confidence. 

  • 12 Gauge

Another deal if you are looking for a good handgun. This would be the best one if you don’t mind carrying it along with yourself while you are travelling somewhere. It does not pass through the drywall, and thus, the energy is one of the vital reasons for anyone choosing this particular model. You may even choose to use it as a scattergun with the right ammo. 

  • 40 Cal

This is yet another preferred model for people. A lot of users say that they have been choosing this 40 Cal one because of its perfect grip and ease of use. You can definitely opt for this, if you are looking for an ideal caliber for your self defense.

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