NYC Construction Accidents & How a Lawyer Can Help You?

Construction accidents have become extremely common in New York City, thereby, making it one of the most dangerous jobs in the city. Fatalities in NYC seem to be increasing rapidly over the recent past. According to the statistics compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 23 workers are killed at the site each year, while more than 600 are injured. Work at height, or scaffolding accidents are the major ones in the list. On an average, approximately 10 workers die every year from falling from a height. 

Reasons behind construction accidents

A few major NYC construction accidents include: 

  • Improper installation of scaffolds may lead to fall
  • Illegal and unpermitted scaffolding to a building
  • Scaffold isn’t properly secured to the property
  • The planks of the scaffold might have become loose
  • The equipment, cranes, scaffolds aren’t properly assembled
  • Missing out of the guardrails and different other safety equipment
  • Working in an unsafe weather condition
  • No adherence to the safety guidelines, and inappropriate usage of safety equipment
  • Structural issues leading to the collapse of the whole building
  • Falling down from a staircase at a construction site
  • Temporary elevator issues may cause injury

Fatal four hazards in a construction site

As per the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the “fatal four hazards,” the accidents include: 

  • Electrocution
  • Being stuck by some object
  • Falling from a height
  • Common forklift accidents during operation
  • Stuck between two objects from either sides

Too often, serious accidents occur since the construction companies do not take adequate safety precautions and measures when it comes to noting the safety protocols. As a lot of construction laborers in NYC deal with the cranes, or other heavy duty machines, the consequences can be really dangerous and life-threatening. 

Top 5 NYC construction accidents

The major 5 NYC construction accidents resulting to an injury or a fatality may include: 

  • 56% of the accidents are reported to be injuries resulting in electrical work, plumbing and demolition
  • 25% are reported to be slip and fall accidents 
  • 10% leads to different material failure accidents and building collapses
  • 4% results to accidents caused due to mechanical construction equipment
  • 3% is due to scaffolding activities

Who investigates these construction accidents?

It is absolutely essential to investigate the case and conduct a root cause analysis in order to find out the at-fault party behind a construction accident. Once done, it will become easier for you to figure out the reason behind the accident and how it occurs. Also, you ought to be concerned about seeing if the injured victim is getting the financial compensation that is to be received in order to get through the expenses of the injury. Always remember to consult with an experienced construction accident lawyer after an accident. The professional would be the best person to guide about the next course of actions, and the options available to handle the situation in the best possible manner. 

When is a NYC construction injury actionable by a lawsuit?

If you or someone whom you know has got an injury due to a construction accident, the individual or his family should be entitled to monetary recovery. The New York State Labor law addresses the claims related to a construction accident under sections 200, 24 and 241 (6). The compensation benefits do not adequately compensate for the loss, particularly in case of a severe accident. There are several clauses when it comes to taking the benefits – loss of earning, medical expenses, hospital bills and more. This is applicable if you are entitled to workers’ compensation insurance under their employers. 

If you think that your issue isn’t being addressed by your employer, you have got every right to sue your employer. You might require to talk to your attorney in order to get through the trouble, and get your claim sanctioned. You have all the right to access your attorneys, and get in touch with them to receive each and every update on the status of your case. 

How to count legal assistance for fatal accidents at the construction site?

Whether the accident caused is the result of the fault of your employer, or none at fault, you can still seek justice for yourself, or your families. You shall be entitled to fetch the benefits under your workers’ compensation laws. The basic responsibility of your attorney is to assist you or your family in case of a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Bottom line: 

Our construction accident lawyer takes care of the nitty gritty details of your case, while ensuring the fact that all the information you share remains confidential. They deal with millions of catastrophic and construction injury clients every single day, and thus, you will not require to bother about getting any sort of assistance regarding your case around the clock.

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