What Is The Best Handgun Caliber and Pistol For Home Defense?

Home defense is extremely crucial and thus, you should always be extra conscious while choosing your handgun caliber and pistol. Too often, we just go on selecting them so blindly, that we have no other choice but to regret it later on. Well, if you are going to purchase your first handgun, here are a couple of points to keep in mind. Today, we shall discuss ammo, size, ergonomics, price, and caliber to narrow down your selection for ‘the better!’ Natchezss Shooters Supplies offer the best handguns and pistols with the state-of-the-art specifications to make your picking easier than ever! 

  • Ammo: Bust or Hollow Points

Hollow point bullets are usually recommended for self defense purposes, for their stopping power. They are best known for their potential to stop in the drywall. Of course, you must check the caliber before opting for the one! 

  • Choose the right caliber

Caliber basically refers to the bore or the diameter inside the barrel of the gun. It can also depict the projectile or the diameter of the bullet that is ejected out of the gun. Most experts recommend opting for the 9 mm and 0.45 ACP cartridges, particularly if you are just a beginner and have no prior experience dealing with a handgun. The small size simply depicts the mild recoil and high magazines. On top of that, a lot of individuals from the police forces have recently switched to this 9 mm variety. This has even resembled the fact that while a lot of agents were not equipped enough in controlling the .40 S&W rounds, this was of course, the better one in the category. 

  • Fit of the handgun

The most significant thing about choosing a handgun is to go for the one with the right ‘fit.’ A full-sized handgun will always prove to be easier to handle, the one with the 5-inches barrels. Also, it offers more mass for better recoiling, and with a longer sight radius. It even comes with a larger area to grip, which will eventually enhance your overall experience of shooting. However, if you are looking for a model that becomes easier for you to carry, you may obviously go for the one that’s compact in size. 

  • Get the night sights

It is usually recommended to go for a handgun with the night sight. This is even more important to keep in mind since most of the encounters that occur tend to happen during the night time. Therefore, getting a pistol that falls under the category of a ‘night sight’ model is always the wisest decision to take! 

  • Action

Since you are going to pick a model for your personal use and home defense purpose, we suggest you go for a striker-fired handgun as its trigger pull is absolutely identical, at least in comparison to a double-action model. Usually, the striker handguns come with a flat look at the back of the slide without any exposed hammer. On the contrary, the double-action pistols generally involve cocking back on the hammer and thus, delivers heavy first shots. 

Top-picked calibers for home defense

Now that you have known the pointers that are to be checked while choosing your first handgun for home defense, let us go through a few models that might work good for you! 

  • 380

This is one of the most recommended ones in the list. It is absolutely lightweight and thus, becomes easier for anyone to carry! It is a typical small-bodied pistol and it would easily fit into your pocket too! So, you will not need an additional holster to take it along! 

  • 9 mm

Most people consider this 9 mm one to be the ‘most convenient’ when it comes to handling. Also, its ammo is the cheapest in the lot. On top of that, if this is just the start, this model will help you become more acquainted with your firearm. This is the most ideal one, keeping in mind that you need to practice more in order to gain enough confidence. 

  • 12 Gauge

Another deal if you are looking for a good handgun. This would be the best one if you don’t mind carrying it along with yourself while you are travelling somewhere. It does not pass through the drywall, and thus, the energy is one of the vital reasons for anyone choosing this particular model. You may even choose to use it as a scattergun with the right ammo. 

  • 40 Cal

This is yet another preferred model for people. A lot of users say that they have been choosing this 40 Cal one because of its perfect grip and ease of use. You can definitely opt for this, if you are looking for an ideal caliber for your self defense.

NYC Construction Accidents & How a Lawyer Can Help You?

Construction accidents have become extremely common in New York City, thereby, making it one of the most dangerous jobs in the city. Fatalities in NYC seem to be increasing rapidly over the recent past. According to the statistics compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 23 workers are killed at the site each year, while more than 600 are injured. Work at height, or scaffolding accidents are the major ones in the list. On an average, approximately 10 workers die every year from falling from a height. 

Reasons behind construction accidents

A few major NYC construction accidents include: 

  • Improper installation of scaffolds may lead to fall
  • Illegal and unpermitted scaffolding to a building
  • Scaffold isn’t properly secured to the property
  • The planks of the scaffold might have become loose
  • The equipment, cranes, scaffolds aren’t properly assembled
  • Missing out of the guardrails and different other safety equipment
  • Working in an unsafe weather condition
  • No adherence to the safety guidelines, and inappropriate usage of safety equipment
  • Structural issues leading to the collapse of the whole building
  • Falling down from a staircase at a construction site
  • Temporary elevator issues may cause injury

Fatal four hazards in a construction site

As per the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the “fatal four hazards,” the accidents include: 

  • Electrocution
  • Being stuck by some object
  • Falling from a height
  • Common forklift accidents during operation
  • Stuck between two objects from either sides

Too often, serious accidents occur since the construction companies do not take adequate safety precautions and measures when it comes to noting the safety protocols. As a lot of construction laborers in NYC deal with the cranes, or other heavy duty machines, the consequences can be really dangerous and life-threatening. 

Top 5 NYC construction accidents

The major 5 NYC construction accidents resulting to an injury or a fatality may include: 

  • 56% of the accidents are reported to be injuries resulting in electrical work, plumbing and demolition
  • 25% are reported to be slip and fall accidents 
  • 10% leads to different material failure accidents and building collapses
  • 4% results to accidents caused due to mechanical construction equipment
  • 3% is due to scaffolding activities

Who investigates these construction accidents?

It is absolutely essential to investigate the case and conduct a root cause analysis in order to find out the at-fault party behind a construction accident. Once done, it will become easier for you to figure out the reason behind the accident and how it occurs. Also, you ought to be concerned about seeing if the injured victim is getting the financial compensation that is to be received in order to get through the expenses of the injury. Always remember to consult with an experienced construction accident lawyer after an accident. The professional would be the best person to guide about the next course of actions, and the options available to handle the situation in the best possible manner. 

When is a NYC construction injury actionable by a lawsuit?

If you or someone whom you know has got an injury due to a construction accident, the individual or his family should be entitled to monetary recovery. The New York State Labor law addresses the claims related to a construction accident under sections 200, 24 and 241 (6). The compensation benefits do not adequately compensate for the loss, particularly in case of a severe accident. There are several clauses when it comes to taking the benefits – loss of earning, medical expenses, hospital bills and more. This is applicable if you are entitled to workers’ compensation insurance under their employers. 

If you think that your issue isn’t being addressed by your employer, you have got every right to sue your employer. You might require to talk to your attorney in order to get through the trouble, and get your claim sanctioned. You have all the right to access your attorneys, and get in touch with them to receive each and every update on the status of your case. 

How to count legal assistance for fatal accidents at the construction site?

Whether the accident caused is the result of the fault of your employer, or none at fault, you can still seek justice for yourself, or your families. You shall be entitled to fetch the benefits under your workers’ compensation laws. The basic responsibility of your attorney is to assist you or your family in case of a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Bottom line: 

Our construction accident lawyer takes care of the nitty gritty details of your case, while ensuring the fact that all the information you share remains confidential. They deal with millions of catastrophic and construction injury clients every single day, and thus, you will not require to bother about getting any sort of assistance regarding your case around the clock.

Why is Airbnb Gatlinburg is A Smart Investment in 2022?

Are you planning to invest in Gatlinburg Airbnb anytime sooner? Well, there are a couple of factors that you might need to note so as to fix your rental strategy at the earliest. Also, you need to be wise enough in figuring out your ROI before you actually put your money into it. Now that the travel and tourism industry in the US has finally started showing signs of recovery which was earlier disrupted due to the pandemic, there are a few things that you would need to consider so as to ensure that your investment is going worthwhile:

  • The location should be set for tourism

If you have thought of investing in Airbnb Gatlinburg, make sure that you are going for a place that has gained a good name and fame for its tourist attractions. This mountain resort city is situated in the border of the Great Smoky Mountains and over 10 million tourists come every year to explore the hiking experience of the Appalachian trial. More specifically, if you are a nature lover, this place is the one for you! From exploring the walkways, to that of visiting the wonderful places around the waterfalls, or indulging yourself in several fun activities, anyone would love to spend their vacation in this beautiful location. 

  • Getting an overview of the real estate market in Gatlinburg

Since you will be investing a good sum of your hard earned money into this real estate project, you ought to have a fair idea about the local market therein. Also, you must have the clarity of the neighborhood in the area that would have the highest income potential. You can get a good idea on the same with the help of Airbnb profit calculator that would use the heatmap to point out the areas that can yield you the best cash on cash return, listing price and the highest occupancy rate. You may obviously choose to use this data to come up with a decision that will not allow you to regret upon your investment later on. 

  • Use filters to optimise your search results

As soon as you use the heatmap on the Airbnb tool to locate the areas that will best justify your investment goals and help you achieve the same, you will be able to narrow down your thoughts and come up to a firm decision. Using the right filters will also help you cut off your search results, and you will be able to analyze better. The ones with the green filter will give you the top performing locations, while the ones in the red filter will show you the worst performing areas. Accordingly, you will be able to make out which locations among your preferences will give you the best outcomes. On top of that, you can apply filters based on cap rate, property type, year built, cash on cash return, budget range, number of bedrooms, traditional or rental property, and status (be it sale, foreclosure, or more). 

  • Use the Airbnb profit calculator to estimate your earnings from the investment

Now that you have almost reached towards your conclusion about choosing a property for your upcoming investment, use this calculator to figure out your estimated earnings. However, it is important to ensure that you are aware of all the necessary information related to the property. Therefore, simply open the listing page and you shall find all its basic information available therein – starting from its square footage area, price, and description. It will further provide you with a detailed analysis of your investment based on the data received from other short term rental applications, thereby comparing the homes available in the surrounding area. Certainly, the calculator will analyze the rental income, occupancy rate, and other expense to offer you an accurate projection to help you decide the factors even more wisely. 

  • Zoning and HOA instructions

Since you are supposed to invest in a property located in the Gatlinburg city, zoning is going to be really relevant to you. This place comprises of a few zoning locations that are intended to prevent short term rental services in order to preserve the affordable housing provisions meant for the full-time residents of the area. Well, if your property is outside the Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge city limits, you will not need to bother about the restrictions in the zoning areas. You might still have a look at the occasional HOA restrictions, if there are any!

Last but not the least, if you are willing to invest in a property that is located within a resort, you need to see if it is under some in-house management program, or if the owner have leveraged out to hiring some other manager. You need to be clear on these terms before you move ahead to make the investment. 

University Students’ Favorite Online Hobbies To Pass Free Time From Inside Their Dorm Rooms

College isn’t always that hectic. Most students spend the majority of their days writing reports, completing homework, and studying for tests. Other days are spent catching up with friends, working a part-time job, going out on the town, attending parties, or becoming drunk and wasted. However, there are times when it appears that there is nothing to do.

When you’re bored, here are some things you can do without leaving your dorm room to pass the time.

Stream Your Favorite Films or TV Shows

What could be more relaxing than curling up under a blanket with a cup of coffee and a bowl of popcorn by your side while watching one’s favorite movie or television show? One might even want to have their favorite meal brought to their dorm room, whilst catching up on all the current seasons of their favorite television show, or simply rewatching them.

Enjoy Music

Students can also put on some music that suits their mood. They can gently carry themselves through their college blues or become inspired by listening to 70s rock music.

One can dance by themselves or invite some friends to join in on the fun. College students could also have a fun Karaoke night. Some might even make a playlist for themselves to listen to while studying or exercising.

Change the Look of the Dorm Room

The average student has a lot of books, papers, and clothes lying around. Can one easily clean up and think up ideas to improve their dorm room? Make it fascinating. A decorated dorm room door gives a dorm room more personality. Some students also look into watching youtube videos for some inspiration on how to decorate their room, while others look and shop online for posters to give their room a unique look.

Online Gaming

IGaming has long been proven to improve memory and focus by developing the areas of the brain responsible for these functions. Playing online casinos is a great way to keep your mind sharp and balanced. Counting cards and odds aids memory development and increases its performance in everyday settings. This can also be great if one is into sports on campus. One can find plenty of online casinos in New York which have all kinds of wagering available ranging from online casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Roulette & more, as well as betting on all the sports you could possibly imagine. The market nowadays keeps growing and the options and opportunities within the industry keep widening at a very fast rate.

Source: (https://sportslens.com/us/new-york/online-casinos/)


Writing daily has countless benefits.  Every student should look into keeping a journal. While most people prefer to put out their thoughts on their laptops or phones, putting your thoughts on paper is a much more satisfying experience.

Students can also experiment with poetry and fiction to see what they can come up with. Why limit yourself to just creative writing? One can also enjoy their time by reading classics such as Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, and Mark Twain.

Cooking Something Great

Look up some recipes on the internet, print them out, or scribble them down in a book, and get cooking! Students can have an enjoyable afternoon or evening by shopping for all of the goods and then returning to their dorm room, and possibly cooking with their pals. One can easily have a good bonding time with their friends just by sitting down, enjoying some good food!

 Arts and Crafts

One doesn’t have to be particularly skilled at it. One can simply gather some paintbrushes and paper and see what he or she comes up with. One could even try origami and spend an afternoon learning how to fold different types of paper. Students might also make a card castle or begin a DIY project.

Video Games

Video games can be enjoyed both by oneself or with friends. One can play new games or go back to the old classics. You can find plenty of free online games if you don’t have a gaming console.


Free time can be filled with meditation, and this beneficial habit will pay off well. According to studies, students who meditate are happier, have greater emotional management, and score better on tests than those who do not.

There is no reason why one shouldn’t meditate. One should make it a point to learn about the many meditation techniques and approaches available. One can also try yin yoga for a relaxing and peaceful experience. The possibilities are limitless.

Take a nap

The favorite hobby of college students. A decent afternoon snooze is unrivaled. Don’t worry if it’s not the afternoon. Many people have the guilty pleasure of taking a short snooze after breakfast. Anyway, sleeping is a terrific method that one can use to make up for sleepless nights hitting the books. So snuggle up under your blanket and take a baby’s nap. You’ve put in a lot of effort, and you’ve earned a decent nap.

When boredom strikes, these activities will help any student to get into the correct mental frame of mind and prepare them for the upcoming wave of assignments and exams.