Essential Things Parents Must Do To Prevent The Addiction Of Gadget in Kids

In old times when there was no proper access to technology, people faced a lot of problems. But! We have technology in everything in today’s modern world, and gadgets have become our best friends. Lots of work we do involves the use of gadgets and it has reduced our load to some extent.

But! Nowadays parents are facing a lot of problems due to gadgets. The question might strike your mind about how gadgets could be a problem for parents. Well! I have an answer.

Children are becoming addicted to using gadgets, due to which their kids are facing a lot of problems. It also affects mental health. Now! Let’s look at various hazards caused by the excessive use of gadgets.

Harmful Effects of Using a Gadget

  1. Excess to everything is bad. It has become a headache for parents when it comes to using gadgets. Using gadgets makes kids addicted to them.
  2. When kids spend much of their time on gadgets, it hampers their overall development and ability to gain and learn practical skills.
  3. Excessive use of gadgets leads to a lack of focus in children as their mind is focused on the gadgets.
  4. Also, children are going out of their routine as they don’t follow a healthy daily regime, including their sleeping and eating way.

Now, let’s look at how parents can prevent gadget addiction in their children. Here are some tips.

How to Prevent a Gadget Addiction?

  1. Lead by example-  it is often said that children have a habit of copying others, especially their parents, because they spend most of their time with their parents. So, parents will waste their time using gadgets, and then children will do the same thing. Instead of shouting at children’s parents, they should set a good example in front of their kids by not using excessive gadgets and spending quality time with their children. Parents should try to improve themselves first before improving their kids.
  2. Be strict with rules-  Every parent must establish a healthy and strict routine for their kids. Some parents allow their kids to spend time on phones, laptops, etc., to make kids happy. But! This happiness is meaningless because it is pushing them towards an unhealthy life. So, it’s time for parents to realize their responsibility towards their kids and establish a strict routine that involves less use of phones, laptops, video games, etc. Parents should keep a regular monitor on their kids to check whether they are following it or not.

Set a daily limit on screen time – children these days spend a lot of time using gadgets. Therefore, parents need to develop a fixed time for children to use gadgets to limit the excess use. They should ask children about the gadget they will use and set the time. Keep a check that kids should not extend the time limit. Parents could also ask their children to visit online teaching sites to gain some knowledge as they provide quality learning by typing software like learning management systems.

Involve kids in other activities- This is the best way to divert your kid’s mind from the gadget. Make your child involved in different activities like drawing, reading books, and playing ludo; parents can also do fun activities that distract kids from using gadgets.

Spend more time with kids- parents should try to spend more and more time with their kids. Sometimes the excess use of gadgets is a medium of escaping from loneliness. Today parents have no time to spend and give attention to their kids because of their busy schedules. It makes the child feel lonely and start seeing a best friend with a gadget. Therefore, to avoid gadgets, parents should try to be their kid’s best friends and spend much time with them.

Final Words

It’s all about parents’ how to mold their children. Kids are tiny to understand and distinguish between right and wrong. Gadgets seem a friend to them, but using in excess could harm them. Therefore it’s the prime duty of parents to save their children from excess gadgets. The points mentioned earlier will help parents keep their kids away from gadgets.




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Proven Ways to Fund a Startup


You’ve got the concept, you’ve got the skills, perhaps you’ve got the collaborators. Maybe you’ve even got a name, logo, and a marketing strategy ready to fly. But what’s missing from this set-up? Yes, it’s that all-important factor: capital.

One of the most common questions that gets asked by would-be entrepreneurs is ‘how do I raise funds for my project?’ And when it comes down to it, even the most exceptional business ideas would be hindered by a lack of money. Furthermore, even when a business has got off the starting blocks, the likeliest reason for it shutting down, in many cases within a year, is that the cash runs out. This applies across the board, from Chicago startups, to restaurants in Miami, to tech ventures in Silicon Valley.

All that said, funding need not be an insurmountable obstacle to launching your project and then making it go the distance. In fact, rising to the initial challenge of acquiring capital will set you on the right track to building a business that thrives. If you can successfully tackle this first, critical step, then you can tackle anything. So as for the crucial question of how to raise funding, let’s consider three simple, proven options.

Sound Out People You Know Well

This is a logical first step, which many people use. The upside is that you have immediate access and (hopefully) an immediate sense of trust. You won’t feel nervous or out of your depth, or suffer from imposter syndrome. As you’ll be relaxed when pitching your idea, you’ll be your best self, and should be able to give a good account of your proposal. Additionally, because you know your audience, you should be able to tweak your presentation so that it appeals strongly.

However, don’t be too relaxed. Although you’ll be presenting your ideas to people you know well, you still need, as the foundation for your request, to have a business plan that is professional, convincing, and will make a profit. The ideal is to balance familiarity and trust with a sound, working proposal.

And please bear in mind, when things don’t go according to plan in business, it can place great strain on the relationships of those involved. End a relationship with a business acquaintance, and you can walk away, but that doesn’t apply to friends and family. Before going down this funding route, be sure you feel confident that, whatever happens, your relationships will remain intact.


While turning to friends and family is a method that has always been around, crowdfunding is a relatively new approach, made possible by the technology we now take for granted. The great thing about crowdfunding is that, if it works, then you will have established a community that believes in your project and your capacity to pull it off, and that is rooting for you to succeed.

This can be an enormous psychological boost, as it’s the first true test of your ideas. If you can sell yourself to a lot of funders, then it must be that the service or product you’re offering looks good, and you’ll in turn be able to sell it to customers.

The downside to crowdfunding is that more and more people are attempting it, and so there is a lot of competition for attention. It can be difficult to cut through the noise, but, on the bright side, this can actually help you before you’ve got started. If there’s too much competition to be heard, then it may be that you’re attempting to enter a saturated part of the market. Do you need to adapt your idea, serve a more specific niche, or look for a different angle? Adaptations made now, at the funding stage, may become the special factor that sets your business apart later on.

Take Out a Business Loan

This approach will require you to have a good credit history, or assets that you can put up as collateral. If you’re on solid ground in those respects, then this is a straightforward, familiar way of raising funds. On the positive side, it requires you to be highly professional, with perfect presentation and a financial mindset that weighs up risk conservatively.

When planning out a startup, it’s easy to become carried away and unrealistic. Approaching a bank and asking for money is a great counter to this, requiring you to reign yourself in and look at things in a down-to-earth manner. In fact, if you can’t package your ideas in this way—that is, so that they appeal to institutions—then it could even be said that you’re not ready to go into business. Either way, the process of applying for a loan will refine your plans and force you to think clearly.

Finally, these tried-and-tested approaches to raising funds should not each be taken in isolation, but rather, consider whether it might be advantageous to integrate them together. It’s great to have alternative sources of capital all working in the same direction, rather than to be reliant on only one funding stream, so weigh up all options, and see if you can combine them to work in your favor.

What makes the community unique in San Juan about crypto?

San Juan is a fantastic spot to visit and will undoubtedly provide you with an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Puerto Rico is any closer to becoming the “crypto haven” according to blockchain entrepreneurs and investors. There are lots of annual conferences arranged in San Juan.

A group of local crypto aficionados and visitors gathered on the island to examine Puerto Rico’s potential as a crypto investment and industrial powerhouse. Michael Terpin, the founder and CEO of Transform Group, which conducts the crypto conference, and Brock Pierce, co-founder of EOS software development business Block. One were among the speakers on the lineup.

The crypto community in Puerto Rico is certain that the island can be a beacon of innovation for the industry, thanks to local crypto tax advantages, efforts for blockchain-oriented programming education, cryptocurrency banking advances, and philanthropic endeavors.

Companies involved in cryptocurrency mining appear to agree. Every Monday, CryptoMondays San Juan events take place throughout the city. Panel discussions, presentations, and general networking are all part of the weekly events, which take place at famous restaurants, hotels, and business places.

Pedro has done a wonderful job, and I am glad he will be receiving additional support from the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association. The collaboration projects will provide local communities and institutions with joint education and economic programs, continuing Puerto Rico’s heritage as a global hub for the burgeoning blockchain industry.

So we can say that the San Juan community unique is unique in the crypto trade. It is absolutely a hub for crypto trading. People used to visit it for their profits.