Get yourself inspired by the custom-made jewellery designs by ” Duchi.”

“Duchi” is the leading brand around the globe in Different countries with hundred of satisfied customers. From the thin band engagement rings to the gothic-inspired designs, we can turn your vision into reality.

Duchi Jewelry is a very important part of any man and especially a woman’s wardrobe. Buying jewelry can be exclusive, separately from buying cars and homes, many people testimony jewelry to be the third most expensive product that they have bought. We have many jewelry articles that present you a lot of tips for buying jewelry.

Duchi Jewelry has always been essential to people who loves to accessorize. One special piece can make such a difference in the presentation of same outfit. There are so many different variations and handmade jewelry stands out because of its uniqueness. Beaded, carved, filigreed, engraved, sequined, knitted, and painted, various techniques for handicraft arts have been continually developed in all cultures throughout time, which certainly expand the variety of handmade jewelry as duchi jewelry and other.

Our quick and easiest way to view our selection of custom rings to give you a way to show your love through our “customized designs” and makes your day special. We have different varieties made by our acknowledged team and a supportive journey from conception to delivery.

We provide the highest quality, hand-made designs with unique features to make you look beautiful and elegant. You can also design your ring from scratch to get something truly unique and make a little change with your needs.

Upper Arm Bracelets have made way into the 1800 Duchi silver jewelry trend as the latest fashion. It reveals European aesthetics and offers a new look that it looks good even on bare arms. These are unique jewelry pieces in silver that is setting a trend such that it can be even in gold and can be worn on either of the arms or even on a shirt. Adding to this the multiple bracelets in the upper arm looks alluring on gowns, but ensure you resonate perfectly with some one-shouldered dress featuring an upper arm snake bracelet, it gives an exceptional turn to jewelry trend.

The lockets can be work in the neck by a chain or in the hand in the form of Duchi bracelets. They can be acquired in various shapes that may be round, oval or heart shaped. The heart shaped lockets have been in trend for centuries and are generally given to the most love ones on occasions like weddings and Valentine day. Some of them contain a space where you can hold the picture of anybody you value. Most of the lockets can embrace either one or two pictures. But many of such lockets have been designed that can hold as many as eight pictures. Some of the lockets even contain a perfume that releases a sweet smell to get rid of the body odor. Keepsake lockets are so designed that they can keep an important thing like the lock of the hair from someone beloved.

red beryl dealers feels that association with the word emerald would help sales. But gemological and geological purists say such use of the word contradicts its ancient meaning. The word was derived from the Greek smaragdos and used to describe green stones. The Oxford English Dictionary says the term “emerald” was associated with the color green as far back as 1634 A.D.

Standard gemological tests, such as refractive index and specific gravity, easily separate red beryl from other red materials. And synthetic red beryl is relatively rare, though Russia recently has produced a variety of colors, including hydrothermal red beryl. These, too, should be easy to distinguish with standard gem tests.

Amethyst is often called the “royal purple” gemstone, and the beautiful rich color of amethyst quartz has made it a popular gem for jewelry. The more desirable colors of this variety of quartz result from a saturation of purple or violet. These colors may sometimes lean toward blue (accentuated by fluorescent light or daylight) and at other times toward red (enhanced by incandescent light).

While most people favor darker, deep purples with flashes of red in incandescent light, a definite market also exists for the paler, pastel-lavender hues. Lighter material tends to sell for several dollars less per carat and makes an attractive gemstone if well-cut.

Handmade Duchi jewelry makers utilize many types of metals and gemstones in their work, such as brass, copper, silver, gold; and crystal, quartz, turquoise, coral and amethyst. Many contemporary jewelry artists make use of even more diverse materials such as glass beads, fabric, acrylic as well as organic /natural material such as wood, leather, shell, hemp, raffia grass, animal horns, bones and even teeth. In fact duchi jewelry made of these materials gains more and more in popularity.

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