How to List Foreign Language Skills on Your Resume

Being able to speak more than one language opens up many opportunities for you when looking for a new job. However, it only becomes a major advantage if you make the right decisions when listing your foreign language skills on your resume. How can you do this effectively?

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Create a Language Skills Section

Employers love to see job applicants who can speak more than one language, as they are more versatile and useful to them in a range of situations. This is why you don’t want these vital skills to be lost among the rest of your abilities. The fact that you have learnt a new language also shows that you are capable of picking up new skills and are keen to learn.

Even if they are short of time, college students can combine learning a language with their other studies, getting a student discount for 1-1 lessons to make it cheaper. This boosts their resume and their chances of getting the type of career they want after graduating. It can also be used to prepare for academic tests if the student has chosen a language as one of their subjects.

Creating a language skills section on your resume then gives this area the importance that it deserves. This is especially true if you are applying for a role where speaking a foreign language is relevant, but even if that doesn’t seem to be the case it still makes sense to make your skills stand out.

This extra section usually comes after the education and skills sections on a resume, meaning that it is pretty high up on the page but doesn’t go ahead of any of the core information that employers look for. If the person looking at it is interested in these skills, then they won’t miss them.

Of course, speaking a foreign language gives you additional benefits that many employers will be aware of. For instance, research has revealed that learning a language makes us more analytical and also changes the way we make decisions. So, a potential employer might pay attention to this section of your resume even if the role doesn’t require those skills.

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List the Proficiency and Experience You Have

Simply stating that you can speak an additional language isn’t giving enough information for the employer to decide whether you are the right candidate for them. You also need to explain how proficient you are and what kind of experience you have using it.

There is a big difference between having studied a language a few years ago at school and having lived in a country where it is spoken on a daily basis. If you have worked using your second language this is an even more important point to highlight, as they will expect you to have picked up some business phrases and be comfortable speaking in formal situations.

You should avoid listing the number of years that you have spoken the language, since this doesn’t tell the reader much information. It is possible to speak a second language very little but over a long period of time and still be at the beginner level, while someone who is fully immersed in the culture could reach conversational level quite quickly.

If you have more than one language to list, start with the one you are most proficient in. Use terms such as native, fluent, conversational, intermediate, and beginner to make it clear what they can expect from you in each one. You should also note any regional variations, as this might be of interest to the person doing the recruiting.

By following these simple tips, you will ensure that your language skills stand out on your resume and get the attention that they deserve.

How to Start a Successful Business in College

Many students draw inspiration from successful CEOs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Both CEOs conceived and actualized their business ideas while in college. They showed us that it can be done.

Without question, starting a business at any age is hard, but it’s even harder for college students who have to balance their young businesses with schoolwork. And while The National Center for Education Statistics shows high employment rates and earning potential among college graduates, launching a startup while in college is a great way to get out of the rat race.

College students have a wealth of resources they can use to make their dreams come true–entrepreneurial programs, mentors, and networking events. The college environment is perfect for starting and growing a business.

Want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Test Your Ideas

Some business ideas fit better into a college lifestyle than others. If you don’t want to open a brick-and-mortar store, an online business is your best bet. You can open an e-commerce store, a website to sell your products, tutor virtually, or become a social media manager.

Test your idea in college first and get the opinions of your fellow students. Ask them if they would use your products or services. Be willing to accept their suggestions on areas you can improve to make your product or service better. Use their feedback to fine-tune your business idea before coming up with a business plan.

  1. Utilize School Resources

College offers a lot of free and affordable resources you can use for your startup. Take advantage of resources such as free WiFi, printing services, library materials, and other tools. These are valuable resources you would pay for if you were to start a business elsewhere.

Small startups spend up to a quarter of their total budget on technology and a lot of money on marketing. If your college has a writing center, capitalize on the promotional materials and student organizations and promote your business. Also, book conference halls and use them for business meetings.

  1. Fund Your Business

Funding is yet another critical consideration you shouldn’t overlook in the early stages of your business. Colleges have finance offices you can approach to secure a loan and federal grants for your business.

There are also loans customized for students, like the SBA microloan. Having a “.edu” email address might be an advantage when applying for such loans, so find out how you can get one. You can also search for “car title loans near me” on search engines to find quick loans and raise funds for your business.

  1. Create Your Customer Base

The key to building a successful business is having a solid customer base. Avoid focusing too much on building the product without knowing who is going to buy it. If you don’t make sales, you’ll have no business.

Spend a lot of your time defining your buyer persona (someone who represents your target audience). And test the idea first before turning it into a product. Network and create a good rapport with your fellow students. These will be your immediate customers who’ll help you spread the word about your business.

5 Things You’re Wasting Money on–and How to Avoid It

It’s easy to act like your financial decisions don’t matter while you’re in college, but they do. Most students postpone money management till they graduate, but here’s the thing, if you manage your money well in college, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars. And good money management skills won’t only help you in college, they’ll help you lead a great adult life. According to research, most students face serious financial crises Maintaining a social life in college can be expensive, and that’s why most students waste money. Here are 5 things you’re wasting money on–and how to stop it.
  1. Takeaway Food
The $5 or $10 you spend on meals every day may seem insignificant, but it all adds up. Buying fast food and takeout may seem convenient, but the long-term effects on your savings and health aren’t worth it. Yes, it’s not easy to make food from scratch every day, and sometimes the meals in the college cafeteria may be uninteresting, but choosing these options could mean saving hundreds of dollars a month.
  1. New Textbooks
New textbooks cost more than used ones. Search for used copies online or at your college bookstore. You can save even more money by sharing textbooks with a friend or borrowing someone who already took the classes. Downloading a digital copy is also a great option as soft copies tend to be cheaper.
  1. High Rent
As reported by The College Board, housing costs happen to be some of the highest for college students. Some students spend as much as $9,205 per year on rent. Since room and board may account for more than half of your college budget, look for cheaper accommodation. You can share housing with a friend or stay in a dorm. You can also consider getting credit to meet this cost, like a title pawn online.
  1. Credit Cards
One of the best rules to live by in college (and in life) is not to use a credit card for anything other than emergencies. Get in the habit of using a debit card or cash. Some college students with credit cards rack up a lot of debt by the time they graduate.
  1. Beer
Drinking is a very expensive habit. College students, on average, spend $900 a year on alcohol. And we haven’t even talked about the fines they pay for underage drinking and DUIs. Research by the Social Science Research Council shows that students in college spend 51% of their time socializing, and drinking happens in most of these social events. You might as well socialize less and save some money. If you must go out, make the most of happy hour or attend student union events instead of going to the bar. You could even spend time cooking dinner with friends and save more. College days are fun and care-free, however, the habits you build now and the financial decisions you make will impact your life long after college. So, make sure you’re doing all you can to save money. You’ll be glad you did.

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