How To Take A Product From Prototype To Production

Developing an initial prototype for a new product is a big deal. But you can’t sell a prototype (at least not at scale). If you want to turn your product into a cash-generating machine, you have to scale up production. Doing so requires a very intentional approach.

When is it Time to Move Forward With Production?

The prototyping phase for a new product can be intensive. Depending on the type of product, the complexity, and the team’s experience, it can last anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years. The question is, how do you know when it’s time to move forward with production? Here are a few signs you’re ready:

  • All obvious kinks are worked out. Prototypes are intended to help you identify any flaws or kinks that may be present in the product. Once you’re confident that all of these issues are resolved you’re ready to move forward.
  • Full internal support. Do all key stakeholders agree that it’s time to take the product to market? (Make sure you’re listening to a variety of voices, including people in the back office and front office.)
  • Healthy external support. Hopefully you’ve tested the prototype with a focus group of customers. What do they say? If they’re giving a thumbs up, this is another tally in the “go to market” column. 
  • Capacity and focus. Taking a product to market is obviously a big deal. Does your team have the capacity and focus to take this project on right now? Or would you be better off waiting several weeks or months? 

The decision to move forward with production is a big one. It’s equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. But at the end of the day, it’s what you have to do if you want to capitalize on your product. Acting with conviction will serve you well.

5 Tips for Taking Your Prototype to Production

You have a physical prototype in your hands – now what? How do you actually move forward with bringing the product to production (so that you can ultimately bring it to market)? Here are a few tips:

  • Account for the Bill of Materials

As you may know, a bill of materials (or BOM) is a spreadsheet that includes every part of the product itemized out individually. This does a couple of things. 

For starters, it helps you see what/how much materials are needed. Since material costs fluctuate based on volume, this gives you a good idea of the optimal amount to order for cost savings. 

Secondly, a BOM tells you exactly how much it costs to manufacture a single production unit of the new product. You can then compare this against larger order quantities to find your sweet spot for the initial production run. 

  • Find the Right Partners

The next step is to find the right partners to help you transition from prototype to production. You may choose to do everything under one roof, or you might find it more affordable and practical to partner with a few different companies for various stages of production. 

It’s highly recommended that you consult with a CNC machining company if you have complex/technical production needs for end-use production-grade parts. Depending on the type of product, you might be able to go from prototype to production with CNC machining. If not, you would have to include an additional partner in the process.

  • Gather Quotes

As you meet with different manufacturers and potential partners, you’ll need to provide enough materials for them to provide you an accurate quote. This usually includes a drawing package, BOM, and some sort of prototype. Based on this information, they’ll provide a detailed quote and a proposal for the project. As with most things, a minimum of three quotes is recommended. This will help you get a feel for the “going rate.”

  • Start Tooling and Sampling

Once you choose your manufacturer, the tooling process begins. This is where they set up the machines, molds, and templates for the product. Depending on the complexity of your product, this could take anywhere from several days to several months. Samples will be produced based on the tooling. Once approved on your end, the manufacturing is slated to begin. 

  • Ensure You’re Protected

Before going to market, double-check everything from an intellectual property vantage point. Patents, trademarks, and other forms of IP protection should be fully completed before you launch the product. A failure to do so could create serious problems for you later.

Adding it All Up

Every process is different. Your budget, product complexity, timeline, goals, resources, and experience will all have an impact on your ability to transition from prototype to fully-developed, market-ready product. But if you follow the advice outlined in this article, the process will prove to be quite manageable. 

Full Guide For US Citizen Applying For Parents Green Card

Green cards for parents can be sponsored by adult sons and daughters who are officially US citizens. Parents of 21-year-old or older US citizens are considered into “immediate relationship.” It may be a time-consuming matter however, there are immigration attorneys who can simplify and speed up the legal process for you. Your parents may alter their status to permanent residents without having to leave the United States if they entered the country legally or overstayed.

Are You An US Citizen Applying For Parents’ Green Card?

If you are a US citizen applying for parents green card then you would be delighted with the latest news. Family reunification is now being prioritized in US immigration legislation. This means that U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents (green card holders) can file petitions on behalf of close relatives in order to permit them to immigrate to the United States and reunite with their families in the country.

If you are a US citizen by birth or became one through naturalization while your parents are still citizens of another country then they are free to travel to the US and live permanently with you. Immediate relative applications, such as green-card petitions for parents, are not subject to quotas and take almost 12 months to process.

The USCIS will analyze your petitions for a few months prior to forwarding them to the National Visa Center (NVC) only if they are granted. The NVC will then contact your parents directly to determine what else they will be requiring for their visa interviews. These interviews generally take place in their native or original country through a US Embassy or Consulate.

What Is the Application Process For US Citizens Applying For Parents Green Card?

A green card can be applied for by the parents of a US citizen from either inside or outside the country while it is important to note that for each parent, a separate petition must be filed.

In many cases, the process may be complex and confusing hence, you can always move to an immigration specialist or lawyer who will ascertain your case with a nominal fee. They are fast, effective, and help simplify the case. If you are looking to obtain a green card through a citizen spouse, they may help you the best.

In case, the parent of the US citizen is already living in the country legally, the petitioner must be careful about the timing of the filing.

  • A parent fills out Form I-485 (application to become Permanent Residence (green card) or for Adjustment Status)
  • The US citizen Son/Daughter fills out Form I-130 (Petition for Foreigner’s Relative)
  • The financial sponsor fills out Form I-864
  • Then all forms along with all supporting evidence need to be submitted to the USCIS

In case, the parent of the US citizen is currently residing outside the US, the parent may apply to become a permanent resident at the nearest US embassy or consulate. 

  • The US –living Son or Daughter should fill out and submit Form I-130 and supporting documentation to the USCIS
  • If the petition is approved, the US Department of State shall invite the parent to apply for an immigrant visa at a US embassy or consulate situated overseas
  • The parent should pay the USCIS immigration fee after receiving an immigrant visa packet from the US embassy or consulate where the parent applied and before coming to the US.


9Anime- The Blissful Eye Of An Anime Storm

The Anime market exploded within a decade as a result of globalisation. However, broadcast networks somehow have not jumped in on this opportunity. This leaves a significant mob of Anime in the dark and away from the international limelight. But Anime fanatics refuse to miss out on them.

For them especially, 9anime proves to be a winner. It is a pirate website that has an accumulation of exotic Anime tags. The website stays in sync with the local Japanese Anime scene for real-time updates. It also has its inventory of contents eliminating the chances of cheap outsourcing.

An extension of the service

Upping the ante, this popular anime website has an equally competent app on the market. If anything, the app has added benefits like zero advertisements and custom notifications. It makes the busy life of an individual easy by remembering the last watched episodes. The recommendation algorithm works to compile your choices with the industry’s best. It is highly recommended to savour the offerings by the 9anime app because its performance delivery is first class.

The strong points of the website

  • Video quality– Out of all the servers on 9anime,most of them have adjustable video quality. Having limited varieties of quality prevents the user from controlling data consumption. But on this website, you don’t have to worry about using up all your daily gigabytes. One-click allows you to bring the quality to the favoured resolution.
  • Dubbing range– Since the audience of Anime is all across the globe, dubbing range makes a difference to the web traffic. An anime like Pokémon, dubbed in over twenty languages, is available on the website the same. And the usual English dubbings are as frequent as they can get.
  • Safety standards– 9animeboasts a superb 4.7 out of 5 ratings on the AppStore for its safety standards. And the ratings are an aggregate of about a hundred plus users. The app is as safe as a smile. This safety parameter is for those who are paranoid of virus attacks.
  • Efficient user interface– 9anime’s website design is like a genie. You wish for a customised Anime experience, and it materialises on the page almost immediately. The secret to their ramped-up productivity is their periodic maintenance check. In addition, they are very diligent with maintaining their brand quality.

At odds with the law

The debate on whether piracy is an ethical practise is still ongoing. The term piracy in itself has some negative connotations. And it has to do with the forceful loot of ships back in the renaissance. What is different about internet piracy is its soft nature. The copying of original content isn’t done by any force but mere chance.

It’s like a domino; one person with access to the original copies it and puts it on display for the rest. The criminal boundary here is very blurred. This is why no one has been able to find 9anime at odds with the law. And it is within the bounds of the law to protect a consumer of such a service. For you, the viewer, it is an indication to distance yourself from this legal jam and let Kaori play you the introduction to Saint-Saens.

The Electric Car Future Is Finally Here, But More Needs To Be Done

Electric cars are the future, and automakers are adding more EVs to their lineup every year. Global sales of electric cars went up quickly in 2020 (by 43%). This was despite overall car sales slumping because of the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla sold the most electric cars, almost 500,000, followed by Volkswagen. 

In an attempt to reduce emissions from highways, president Biden has pledged to build 500,000 new charging stations for electric cars over the next decade. But more still needs to be done in the EV space to make the cars mainstream. 

Here are three things we feel should be prioritized.

Battery Longevity


EVs will never become mainstream until they offer the usability, affordability, and convenience provided by conventional cars. The focus should be on improving their performance and reliability by creating a battery solution that matches the performance of gasoline and diesel which are used in traditional vehicles.

Current EVs use large batteries with long charging times. The batteries have to be large to attain the desired electric range capability. But because they are large, they are also heavy, so electric cars consume more energy in a journey. 

We need battery systems with high power density cells and highly energy dense solid-state cells. They should be more efficient, have better energy storage, come in a smaller package, and be able to charge fast. These batteries should have a simpler cooling system, a decreased dedicated crash structure, lower charging time, and weigh at least 10% less compared to the existing solutions.

Power in the Right Place

EVs have been around for some time now, but mass adoption has not happened. People are concerned about charging between journeys and also have range anxiety (the fear that EVs have insufficient range to reach their destination). These are the key barriers to buying electric vehicles. 

Many people who own EVs also own internal combustion engine vehicles (conventional cars) for traveling longer distances. However, as the cars become more widespread, people will want to travel greater distances with them, and that’s why we need more public charging stations. 

Charging plugs located on motorways and along main roads will allow for long-distance travel. Tesla has created superchargers for this purpose, and BP and National Grid are looking to build fast-charging centres. On-street charging solutions are also being developed.

Enhancing the Grid

EV technology should be used efficiently once it’s improved, and this calls for a network that can withstand high levels of EV charging across the country. There is also a need for a sustainable system where surplus energy can be repurposed. 

For example, we can come up with ways to access and utilize the energy stored in electric vehicles when they aren’t in use. V2G (vehicle-to-grid) can create an energy connectivity landscape. V2G technology involves sending unused power from an electric car to the smart grid. This technology can help an energy grid supply energy during peak hours.

As EV technology keeps advancing, EVs will become more common. One day soon, you may even use your electric vehicle to access a loan by simply searching “loan offices near me.”