How to Create a Ramdisk Image on Your Computer

Primo Ramdisk License Key is an application, able to generate very good physical Ram disks from scratch. By the name itself, it is able to create dual bootable disks. Each virtual disc can identify itself as an actual physical hard drive or as an external partition. Furthermore, it is able to configure various file system configurations, depending upon the operating system it is using. The installation process is quick and straightforward. This is the recommended way to create a very powerful yet very affordable Linux distro.

Primo Ramdisk has similarities to other similar programs such as Fritter and Disk cloning, however it goes a few steps further. Unlike these applications that clone your existing physical disk into a logical drive, Ramdisk creates new virtual disks. By the name itself, it is able to make dual bootable disks. By using ramdisk, you can easily switch between windows and Linux without experiencing any errors. You can also make use of this application to create and backup your virtual disks.

Basically, the application performs the operation of two different types of virtual disks, by utilizing two physical memory amounts. When you are booting up the application, it copies your current windows OS setup on its current memory amount, and bypasses the existing disk that is being used. Once this is complete, it makes use of your existing RAM to make a new drive, which can be identified as the primary partition on your system.

After this is completed, it copies the files found on the primary partition to the new drive, and utilizes the existing partition for the rest of your windows OS. The reason why the Ramdisk application uses two physical volumes is to maximize performance. By making use of a larger physical RAM, your system can operate at a higher and faster speed.

Hybrid-disk settings are made on this particular version of the software. What makes this better is that, the operating system now utilizes your existing RAM for both Windows and Linux. By utilizing the Primo Ramdisk software, you can now easily create a new virtual disk and bypass the limitations of the physical disk that you are using at the moment. It is very easy to accomplish as well, with just a few simple steps.

This software has an inbuilt scheduler that will allow you to manually initiate a fresh installation of your operating system. The software also provides various options, such as creating a backup of the system, switching to a different virtual disk, and so forth.

Once you have initiated the installation process, you will be prompted for some important information, such as entering the disk size and the operating system type. All these steps are automatically done for you, thus saving your time. Once you have all the required information entered, the next step will be to launch Primo Ram Disk and prompt it to create a new virtual disk.

Once the creation process has been completed, the software will then prompt you for inserting a bootable drive that supports Windows, or a USB flash drive that can support Linux. If you choose to use the USB flash drive, ensure that it is smaller than the primary drive and do not insert any other drives while the software is running.

You can then proceed to select the new virtual disk and once you have completed the selection process, you can shut down the application. You can then plug in the new drive, which will boot your PC in the same way as you would if you had created the new virtual disk with the Primo Ramdisk software on a physical disk. Furthermore, once you have completed all these steps, you can go ahead and use your PC normally without any further issues.


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