How to find the best business energy suppliers

Almost the businesses depend on energy to running smoothly. However, all the businesses often find itself on expensive energy tariffs, which don’t suit they need.

The good news is that it’s simply to business energy supplier comparison and finding a cheaper deal online or on the smart phone. At business energy supplier comparison savings, we have built great partnership with trusted business energy suppliers, It will give you instant access to incredible energy deals.

Since 2009, we have helped one hundred and thousands of customers enjoy big savings on their business energy bills by helping them to finding the best business energy suppliers. It is one of reason why our company have become one of the leading business energy suppliers.

 Moreover, if you run start-up enterprise, a small business company, medium-sized business company or a large multinational corporation, you can start saving a lots money on your business energy bills by finding the best business energy suppliers.

How to change business energy suppliers?

Understandably, A lots of business owners feel they don’t have much time to changing energy suppliers. With our company, we know how busy your business is, so we have made it’s as simple and hassle free as possible to compare business energy supplier rates.

When your company choice business energy suppliers with us, you can avoid investing the time going from suppliers requesting rates to finding the best prices. By providing us with only some details about your business, you can see the best energy deals on the market the most immediately.

Before you make business energy suppliers prices, it is so important to finding out when your contract is the ends due. This will let you know when you need to enter your renewal, which usually around three months. Your business energy bill or your contracts should clearly to show when your current deals are renewal.

What’s the best business energy suppliers?

With more than 56 providers currently serving businesses of big size right across the UK to finding the best business energy suppliers for your business, it can be so important task  and it isn’t least because you will need to get touch with each one individually to finding the best rates.

And in spite of getting cheap business energy prices will probably be your number one priority, costs should never be your consideration, it is also very important to finding a provider who can meet the specific needs of your business. But that isn’t to mean that you should be necessarily sticking with your current supplier, even if your company is satisfy with their services, as many suppliers will be saving their best prices to attracting new customers. This is meaning that customers can get short-changed.

And if your company let your current business energy deals the end without agreeing new one, you will affect by even more expensive out of contracting rates. That is where business energy suppliers can help. Although you are looking to changing new suppliers or arrange more competitive contracts with your existing, we can use high technology and human expertise to make the best deals for your business.

At our company, we have been helping your businesses of big sizes have the best business energy price deals for well over a decade now. We co-operate closely with trusted business energy supplier to finding the best deals for your business and have a range of providers you can choice from. So, easy to business energy suppliers.

We have supported organization from a small business right up to a large business save on their business energy bills. Through business energy price deals to building strong commercial partnerships with business energy suppliers.

Our smart energy comparison services will be saving that can be made your business energy. It takes around 54 seconds to compare business energy prices online. For custom energy rates, our team are more than happy to help your company to make the right tariffs.

Thousands of a small and large companies across the UK have already partnered with us to reducing their costs or lower their energy consumption through management software.

With our trust business energy comparison services. We have great commercial partnerships with over 33 leading suppliers. Our business energy suppliers will provide you with the best business energy prices from independent energy suppliers. So, you will have everything you need to build an informed decision for your business energy.

You will only need to supply for us with some basic information about your business energy usage or name and business address. We will take it from there. If you would like to discuss your commercial electricity or gas further, our specialist team are very happy to help and give you the best.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Each organization want to increase their buyers and persuading them to buy. To do this successfully, you need to exploit all the most significant marketing assets and innovations, and in the advanced world, the web beat that rundown. This makes each business needing digital marketing. It’s important you know about digital marketing so that you know how to answer those questions that comprehend the advantages of digital marketing for organizations, which include:

  1. Reasonableness

Digital marketing is very easy to use as compared to other marketing strategies. Explicit costs change dependent on the thing you’re doing yet promotion burn through will in general be lower than different types of marketing.

You can do digital marketing course in Bangalore.

  1. Versatile Access

You may not have the foggiest idea about this yet 77% of American grown-ups own a cell phone and are probably going to utilize that cell phone. Digital marketing assists you with contacting them while they’re doing this. With remarketing promotions, email and text marketing, and web-based media – you can be before your crowd while they utilize a wide range of applications on their cell phones.

  1. Adaptability

There are numerous structures and employments of top notch digital marketing, including pennant advertisements, email marketing, content marketing, and web-based media posts. Subsequently by figuring out how to innovatively showcase yourself digitally, you open up a wide scope of opportunities for future exposure techniques.

  1. Extension

Numerous purchasers preferred to buy online. Digital marketing allows you to speak to these individuals and consequently extend the scope of your organization. Between Google Shopping Ads and brand mindfulness crusades, you can extend your image acknowledgment and lift deals.

  1. Sight and sound

Clients will in general connect more with marketing materials that join various kinds of substance, including photographs, video clasps, and sound. It is far simpler to fuse all these substance types into digital marketing than some other sort of exposure – and it is vital.

  1. Intelligence

Digital marketing allows you to discuss straightforwardly with the clients who see your substance, strikingly through site remarks, messages, audits, and online media posts. This help you to understand those clients that you care about what they say and think.

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  1. Following

Other than speaking with clients, digital marketing let  you to follow their activities. You can screen which advertisements and kinds of products or services they have seen in no time before they make a buy. This reveals to you which marketing strategies are best, permitting you to refine and improve your methodology.

  1. Influencer Engagement

A large number of the most compelling figures in present day culture advance themselves on the web or through online media. Digital marketing permits you to draw in with these influencers and gain their regard. On the off chance that you do your best, you can get them to embrace you, driving their devotees to become clients and spread brand mindfulness.

  1. Print Enhancement

Digital marketing allows you to develop your print marketing endeavors. By composing on the web content that clarifies claims you make in your print advertisements, you can really expound, amplifying the viability of all types of exposure and coordinating your missions.

More And More Companies Finding Appeal In Field Service Software

It is fair to say that for those who are not familiar with it through their career or interests, understanding field service software is easier said than done. Like many other technological innovations to come into mainstream play in recent years, field service software is an innovation that continues to prove its worth while simultaneously baffling those who do not necessarily find it easy to understand, due to a lack of familiarity with the concept-turned-business-necessity. But alas, field service software is a modern success story, and it will likely only continue to be as time goes on. As modern businesses and empires alike continue to see more and more merit in field service software, it is time to unpack what it is, what it offers businesses, and if it is really worth all the attention it has been getting in recent years.

What is field service software?

Essentially, field service software is a system that is designed to orchestrate and maintain the management of activities within a field service organisation. Said activities include anything from scheduling, dispatching, billing, and invoicing (among other processes and systems). As an example, retailers can save a considerable amount of money when automating the process of comparing prices and services before narrowing down the final selection of securing to buy vending machines for their products. Field service software takes a lot of the tedious necessities of running an organisation, and cohesively organises and minimises the need for human interference. The nature of field service software is that it is always evolving. Now, after a long time of ongoing movement and further advancement, we are beginning to see AI capability work its way into the core of the next iteration of field service software.

Why field service software is so appealing

At the end of the day, field service software is all about making life at work and the ecosystem of the company run smoother. There is something to be said about the power of organisation, and field service software maximises organisation to the utmost tier, while simultaneously managing to achieve a remarkable bracket for organisation, convenience, and efficiency. No matter what type of organisation is in question, the underlying appeal of investing in field service software is the realisation that it will almost certainly make life within the company far easier.

The factors to consider before investing

While field service software might seem like a brilliant idea straight off the bad, it pays to actually sit back and consider not only the reasons you want to invest in it for your company, but also what it can genuinely provide your business with. While you very well may benefit from getting all the bells and whistles that come with full-force field service software, perhaps the business can only truly benefit from a select few. Factors to consider before investing in the full nine yards of field service software are the need for mobility, cloud connections, analytics, and AI capability within the organisation in question. Once you have successfully sifted through all these innovations, you can securely make the informed decision surrounding just how much field service software is necessary to maximise convenience and efficiency within the organisation.

How to Create a Ramdisk Image on Your Computer

Primo Ramdisk License Key is an application, able to generate very good physical Ram disks from scratch. By the name itself, it is able to create dual bootable disks. Each virtual disc can identify itself as an actual physical hard drive or as an external partition. Furthermore, it is able to configure various file system configurations, depending upon the operating system it is using. The installation process is quick and straightforward. This is the recommended way to create a very powerful yet very affordable Linux distro.

Primo Ramdisk has similarities to other similar programs such as Fritter and Disk cloning, however it goes a few steps further. Unlike these applications that clone your existing physical disk into a logical drive, Ramdisk creates new virtual disks. By the name itself, it is able to make dual bootable disks. By using ramdisk, you can easily switch between windows and Linux without experiencing any errors. You can also make use of this application to create and backup your virtual disks.

Basically, the application performs the operation of two different types of virtual disks, by utilizing two physical memory amounts. When you are booting up the application, it copies your current windows OS setup on its current memory amount, and bypasses the existing disk that is being used. Once this is complete, it makes use of your existing RAM to make a new drive, which can be identified as the primary partition on your system.

After this is completed, it copies the files found on the primary partition to the new drive, and utilizes the existing partition for the rest of your windows OS. The reason why the Ramdisk application uses two physical volumes is to maximize performance. By making use of a larger physical RAM, your system can operate at a higher and faster speed.

Hybrid-disk settings are made on this particular version of the software. What makes this better is that, the operating system now utilizes your existing RAM for both Windows and Linux. By utilizing the Primo Ramdisk software, you can now easily create a new virtual disk and bypass the limitations of the physical disk that you are using at the moment. It is very easy to accomplish as well, with just a few simple steps.

This software has an inbuilt scheduler that will allow you to manually initiate a fresh installation of your operating system. The software also provides various options, such as creating a backup of the system, switching to a different virtual disk, and so forth.

Once you have initiated the installation process, you will be prompted for some important information, such as entering the disk size and the operating system type. All these steps are automatically done for you, thus saving your time. Once you have all the required information entered, the next step will be to launch Primo Ram Disk and prompt it to create a new virtual disk.

Once the creation process has been completed, the software will then prompt you for inserting a bootable drive that supports Windows, or a USB flash drive that can support Linux. If you choose to use the USB flash drive, ensure that it is smaller than the primary drive and do not insert any other drives while the software is running.

You can then proceed to select the new virtual disk and once you have completed the selection process, you can shut down the application. You can then plug in the new drive, which will boot your PC in the same way as you would if you had created the new virtual disk with the Primo Ramdisk software on a physical disk. Furthermore, once you have completed all these steps, you can go ahead and use your PC normally without any further issues.


The Virtual Car Showroom is Now A Reality

Purchasing a car online and doing so offline are two very different experiences. When most people make a purchase online, they tend to be more deliberate and careful in the process of making a decision. However, they tend to have less information and certainty about the product. Those who choose to do it offline, on the other hand, usually act impulsively and emotionally. However, they can see, touch, and test the product.

Is There a Way to Combine Offline and Online Buying?

Interestingly, there is a way to combine the benefits of these two types of purchases. This ability is mainly thanks to market demand and global technological trends. If you are looking to purchase a car, a virtual showroom could be your best option, especially if you are unwilling to deal with a seemingly untrustworthy car salesperson.

What is a Virtual Car Showroom?

A virtual car showroom is a solution for retailers and brands to create virtual experiences using technology that lets consumers explore their desired vehicles using their VR headset, smartphone, or tablet. They can check out the interiors and exteriors of cars, rotate them to view them from different angles, change their colors, and do much more. Essentially, this technology places a lot of power and convenience in the consumer’s hands.

Why you should Consider Using a Virtual Showroom

An online virtual showroom is an interactive and fun experience that will introduce you to a completely digital environment. Imagine shopping for a car or any other product from the comfort of your home and checking it out from all perspectives. Imagine taking virtual tours to any facility or space and interacting with different things and people. You can even get information about the complete catalog of a specific vehicle’s specifications, engineering process, tools, and machines. Essentially, you will not find any walls or limits in a virtual car showroom. It will give you the ability to overcome any creative and physical limitations of a typical or physical car dealership. Even more importantly, it is a portable experience. In other words, you can use it anywhere in the world as long as you have a small bag to carry the hardware and internet connection.

Main Benefits of Showroom Virtual Reality

  • Improved customer service and experience.
  • Portability.
  • Improved brand retention in potential customers’ minds.
  • Significant savings in installation costs, assembly, and moving.
  • Ability to capture potential customers’ attention.
  • Ability to reuse the experience without further investment.
  • Elimination of extra travel costs for technical staff.
  • It requires less time to resolve problems or incidents.
Virtual reality is more than a tool or even a novelty. It has the potential to change everything. This is why most of the top universities are starting to focus on and investing heavily in this technology. The experience of encountering it for the first time is enough to alter the course of your professional life. The number of higher education institutions embracing this technology is growing. You will find it in the classroom where students are using it to make educational trips, travel back in time, or even dissect a simulated cadaver. The use of VR in education and business, therefore, will only continue to increase. Even Mark Zuckerberg promised to get one billion people using VR. This is a lofty ambition, but it does not mean that he is living in an alternate reality. It is an impressive but achievable goal. The Electric Car Future Is Finally Here, But More Needs To Be Done

Electric cars are the future, and automakers are adding more EVs to their lineup every year. Global sales of electric cars went up quickly in 2020 (by 43%). This was despite overall car sales slumping because of the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla sold the most electric cars, almost 500,000, followed by Volkswagen. In an attempt to reduce emissions from highways, president Biden has pledged to build 500,000 new charging stations for electric cars over the next decade. But more still needs to be done in the EV space to make the cars mainstream. Here are three things we feel should be prioritized.

Battery Longevity

EVs will never become mainstream until they offer the usability, affordability, and convenience provided by conventional cars. The focus should be on improving their performance and reliability by creating a battery solution that matches the performance of gasoline and diesel which are used in traditional vehicles. Current EVs use large batteries with long charging times. The batteries have to be large to attain the desired electric range capability. But because they are large, they are also heavy, so electric cars consume more energy in a journey. We need battery systems with high power density cells and highly energy dense solid-state cells. They should be more efficient, have better energy storage, come in a smaller package, and be able to charge fast. These batteries should have a simpler cooling system, a decreased dedicated crash structure, lower charging time, and weigh at least 10% less compared to the existing solutions.

Power in the Right Place

EVs have been around for some time now, but mass adoption has not happened. People are concerned about charging between journeys and also have range anxiety (the fear that EVs have insufficient range to reach their destination). These are the key barriers to buying electric vehicles. Many people who own EVs also own internal combustion engine vehicles (conventional cars) for traveling longer distances. However, as the cars become more widespread, people will want to travel greater distances with them, and that’s why we need more public charging stations. Charging plugs located on motorways and along main roads will allow for long-distance travel. Tesla has created superchargers for this purpose, and BP and National Grid are looking to build fast-charging centres. On-street charging solutions are also being developed.

Enhancing the Grid

EV technology should be used efficiently once it’s improved, and this calls for a network that can withstand high levels of EV charging across the country. There is also a need for a sustainable system where surplus energy can be repurposed. For example, we can come up with ways to access and utilize the energy stored in electric vehicles when they aren’t in use. V2G (vehicle-to-grid) can create an energy connectivity landscape. V2G technology involves sending unused power from an electric car to the smart grid. This technology can help an energy grid supply energy during peak hours. As EV technology keeps advancing, EVs will become more common. One day soon, you may even use your electric vehicle to access a loan by simply searching “loan offices near me.”

What‌ ‌Makes‌ ‌Our‌ ‌Cashmere‌ ‌Wool‌ ‌So‌ ‌Soft?‌

When we think of what makes cashmere wool so soft, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the natural ability of the wool to insulate. While it is true that the wool is naturally warm, the other element that makes this wool special is the method by which it is woven. Cashmere wool is made by using the animal’s down or hair as the source material. This wool is most commonly found in four different sizes. These sizes are sized A through W and have been created to closely resemble human hair.

Longer and Stronger Fibers – Cashmere wool is so soft because the fibers tend to be longer and stronger than most other types of wool. This characteristic makes cashmere wool ideal for making winter clothes. It is also very popular for manufacturing shawls and gloves. Cashmere is sought after because of its exceptional qualities. For one thing, the wool doesn’t split or wear easily. It is also durable.

How soft is it on the skin? Another question that often comes up when someone asks about what makes cashmere wool so soft is that about how soft it is on the skin. To put it simply, the answer is softness. Cashmere wool has become widely accepted as a great alternative to man-made materials. The wool is mined in the same place that woolen materials are mined. This means that the wool does not come from any sort of chemical enrichment, unlike many other man-made materials which are toxic to the skin.

Breathable Quality – What makes cashmere wool so soft is also its breathable quality. Unlike ordinary wool, cashmere wool is moisture and heat-resistant. Therefore, the wearer is protected from the harsh elements that are found in the environment.

So what makes cashmere wool so soft? The answer lies in the way the wool is knitted. Unlike other man-made materials, cashmere wool is made using a single thread. This is a very unique characteristic that sets it apart from other types of wool. Each thread is weighted so that it will be soft and warm when it is knitted. The result is that each piece of cashmere wool feels incredibly soft on the skin.

What makes it even more amazing is that this type of wool is found only in the Himalayan Mountains. It is considered to be the softest wool in the world. If you were to compare it to the average man-made wool, it would be like comparing a bowling ball to a millionaire’s watch.

Cashmere wool is soft and light but strong as well. Unlike other man-made fibers, it is completely natural. There are no chemicals or man-made pollutants involved in the process. You can buy 100% pure cashmere just about anywhere.

Why does it feel so soft when you run your fingers over it?  Many people think that it is a result of the natural properties of wool making your skin nice and soft. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason it feels so good is because of its smoothness. It’s not fluffy and wacky like some synthetic wool products can be.

It is extremely durable. This wool isn’t like some that can break easily, fall apart and wear out before you even know it. Cashmere wool grows very quickly and its fibers are twisted together really fast. This ensures that each fiber is very strong and sturdy making it soft and long-lasting. For those who are concerned about mattress sagging, you should be amazed to know that the cashmere bed eliminates sagging, thus making it more durable.

Cashmere wool is an amazing natural resource. While it is considered by many to be man-made, it comes directly from the hides of pure white sheep of the Andes mountain range. It is considered to be one of the most high-quality natural fibers available on the market today. It comes in a variety of shades. Some of the softer shades have been dyed a darker color. That is why some people say it has unique white coloring.

Cashmere wool can be found online at very reasonable prices. You can get 35 pounds of cashmere wool for a decent price of less than a dollar. Many different websites will show you how to care for it properly and it won’t take up too much of your valuable time. You should check out the testimonials by other buyers. If they were satisfied with the product they bought, then that’s the way to go. Go ahead and enjoy the benefits of this warm, silky and comfortable material.

Cashmere wool is one of the softest and most durable wool that can be found in the world. The wool that makes up cashmere wool is so soft that it feels like silk when you run your hands through it. Cashmere wool is prized by many for its qualities, which make it perfect for people who want a comfortable garment to wear all year long. Cashmere wool also makes a great option for those who want a soft, insulating garment that won’t irritate their skin.

There are a couple of different reasons why cashmere wool comes in such luxurious and amazing softness. First of all, cashmere wool is extremely soft because it is made close to the animal’s skin. That means that the wool is very soft and gentle on the skin, and it doesn’t irritate at all. This is unlike a lot of wool that isn’t organic, where it can cause rashes and other problems. When it comes to something as soft as cashmere wool, it is very comforting and welcoming on your skin.

Another reason why cashmere wool is so soft is that it is one of the warmest available. Cashmere wool comes in 22 natural shades, making it easy to find a sweater that you love. Cashmere wool is incredibly warm and is recommended for those chilly winter months. Anyone who wants to keep warm and enjoy their everyday life can rely on cashmere wool.


It is not unusual to pay upwards of twenty dollars for a single pound of wool. If you are looking for a luxurious article of clothing that will last and stay soft for years, then you should consider cashmere wool. Cashmere is soft, silky, and insulating, which means that you will be able to wear it all year round without having to take it off. Any fashionista who loves wearing wool is sure to fall in love with this incredible material.

Cashmere wool is something that any fashionista should have in their wardrobe. This soft, silky wool will allow any woman to feel sexy and elegant no matter what they are wearing. If you have never taken the time to learn about wool, now is the time to do so. You will be able to impress everyone with the way you look and the way you feel. Cashmere is indestructible, yet very comfortable to wear.

Study in Pakistan – Benefits and Options

Study in Pakistan: Why Study in Pakistan? Education is a concern in the country, especially amongst the younger generation. In fact, the number of college and university students has been increasing steadily and students need to use gotest. In line with this, various educational institutions, like PPP, have come up to provide quality education at affordable prices. If you are thinking of studying in Pakistan, here are some of the main reasons why you should consider doing so.

Study in Pakistan: The top-notch learning institutions in Pakistan have been acknowledged by the government as legitimate universities. Hence, if you want to go test in Pakistan, you can be sure that you’ll be getting full value for your money. As you’ll be studying from an internationally recognized university, you’ll have greater chances at passing your exams abroad, at highly regarded universities and popular study destinations in Europe, the U.S, or Australia. Furthermore, with a good placement record, you can be confident about getting a decent job once you graduate.

Study in Pakistan: You can study at any of the many recognized university out there. For example, Alma mater is one of the best known. However, if you prefer to be taught by professionals, there are plenty of teaching schools and colleges in Pakistan where you can get the education you deserve. For example, JKUAT and Azhar University are two of the best schools you can go to in Pakistan.

Study in Pakistan: Getting a scholarship to study in Pakistan won’t be easy. You need to do well on your exams and complete your course. Otherwise, you may not get your funds. However, if you do well on your exams and have good grades, then your chances of getting a scholarship will increase.

Go to an American University: There are many colleges and universities in America that offer great quality of education. If you want to go to one of these great American universities, all you need to do is to apply for admission. There are no limits as to how many applications you can submit. Plus, if you get an invitation, you can always cancel your application to another school if you find a better one.

Study in Pakistan: The benefits of going to study in Pakistan are numerous. Above all, the cost of education in Pakistan is much lower than the cost in the West. Plus, it’s a lot more convenient to go to school in Pakistan compared to going to the U.S. or Australia. You can easily work, study and shop without having to leave your home. What more can you ask for?

Impress Your Recruiter With These Simple Tips

While looking for good jobs and actually ending up with one is quite a journey. As a fresher, you must be confused about how to approach a situation like this. First, impressing your recruiter should be on your priority list. Recruiters are usually very hard to please. 

They are trained to find flaws in your resume, interviews and put you to the test at any moment. It is on you if you are able to handle the situation and take charge of the interaction. Here are a few tips that will help you leave a good impression on the recruiter. 

Show enthusiasm

One thing that lessens your chances of getting a job is being reluctant. 

  • When you face the recruiter, make sure that they get to see the enthusiasm in the way you speak. 
  • No recruiter would like to see a candidate who is confused and not putting in much effort during the interview. 
  • If you are a reluctant applicant who is not grateful for the opportunity they are getting, the recruiter will not appreciate this approach. 
  • Your approach matters the most. Being enthusiastic during the conversation does not mean that you blabber without thinking. 
  • Speak in a calculative manner and mention relevant skills and courses to let them know your capabilities. 
  • Once a recruiter recognizes your potential, you have a high chance of landing the job.

Keep your answers ready

While talking to a recruiter, make sure you know how to hold the conversation. They will ask you multiple questions related to varying aspects. Ensure that you know how to answer those questions. 

To make it better, keep your answers ready in case you don’t want to lose out on a good opportunity. The most common question that will come your way is why you want the particular job. You must have the answers ready. If you are not able to give them an immediate answer, it might leave a bad impression on them. 

You must ask yourself first what reasons have driven you to apply for this job and job role. The job role that you are being offered must fit your profile. You must let the recruiter know your capabilities and boundaries. 

This way, your interview will be more transparent, increasing your chances of getting hired. If they ask you what appealed to you about this particular job, give them an answer that will make them happy. 

Explain the kind of job role you are willing to take and how you plan to approach your work. Most of the time, you have to mention why you have chosen the particular firm.

Good connections

Recruiters will ask you a lot of questions about what you feel about networking. Your Linkedin profile and network matter a lot if you are looking to get hired and impress your recruiter. 

Recruiters value a candidate who has built a good network around them. Previous work experiences are also considered by most recruiters to judge how you have done in the past. They ask you a lot of questions about your work relationships with the employees of your past work experience. 

The way you have handled communication with your previous employer also says a lot about what kind of services you will be offering if offered the new job. If they understand that you are capable of making connections, you are a safe bet.

Communicate well

Communication stands as one of the most important parts of landing a good job. 

  • If you have a good resume but cannot speak well, it is of no use. 
  • Most technical firms in today’s time prefer candidates who are well-versed in at least more than one language. 
  • It helps the firm to deal with different clients. 
  • While in the interview, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the recruiter. 
  • These questions should mostly be about how the company functions, its employee policies, and its approach towards achieving its goals. 
  • Once you get the answer to these questions, you will have a clear idea about working in that firm. 

When the recruiter asks you about your interests and approach towards work, give safe and honest answers. Do not overdo it, but be sure to make it a point to assure your sincerity. 

A follow-up note 

After you are done with the interview, thank the recruiter for their time and later on send a follow-up note. This note can be in the form of an email, where you must mention all the key points discussed in your conversation and how you are a good choice for the role. 

The note must be thoughtful where you let them know that you are glad you got this opportunity to make a good pitch. Once you get the job, make sure you produce the correct documentation for the national police clearance.  

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM) and How it Works

What Is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) practices and tools help you better organize, manage, and utilize your digital assets. DAM practices help you define guidelines for standard management of digital assets, and DAM tools help you maintain and enforce these practices.

A digital asset is any file that provides value, from logos for branding, video files and images for marketing, to PDF files and presentations for sales and pitches. Since digital assets come in a wide range of formats, it is important to use tools that support as many formats as possible. 

A DAM solution provides capabilities for better control, portability, access, flexibility, and sharing of digital assets between collaborators. Ideally, the DAM tool should let you collaborate with in-house staff, various departments, customers, as well as third party supplies and partners.

What Are the Benefits of DAM?

There are many benefits to implementing DAM practices and tooling across your organization. You can use DAM to improve productivity and efficiency, maintain brand integrity and consistency, create backup copies of your content, and secure your assets.

Improves Productivity and Efficiency

The majority of organizations have undergone digital transformation. Today, many businesses are digital-first. This means organizations are using more and more digital assets. As these assets accumulate, it becomes significantly difficult to manage and properly utilize all files.

A DAM solution provides features that drive efficiency into the digital asset management pipeline. For example, the tool can centralize all files, and enable detailed collections that group files into categories. 

There are also tools that come with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and can perform various tasks automatically. For example, AI can automatically tag images, very quickly, significantly cutting down on the time it takes to organize files. 

Maintains Brand Integrity & Consistency

To become unique and set themselves apart from competitors, organizations work very hard to create their brands. A brand can be represented in many different ways, and the majority of which are visual. 

Company logos, photos, videos, and color palettes are all used to send a consistent message across various media channels – this is our brand, this is what we do, these are our products, services, colors, values, etc. 

Keeping these assets in a central repository helps maintain brand consistency. If, for example, a role in the organization needs a logo for a presentation. Let’s say it took a month to create the presentation, and the company logo was added in the beginning. 

By the end, a new version of the logo was created, but the presentation was not updated. Yet the role went on and distributed the presentation. These mistakes can be prevented by using a DAM solution, which easily shares and distributes digital assets.

Content Backups

DAM solutions offer various options for creating a backup of your content. The most common option is automatic versions. This feature saves a point-in-time copy of your copy every time changes are made. 

You can use these copies as backups, and restore previous versions. You can also leverage these copies if you accidentally modified a version and want to restore a previous version. Typically, recovering a version is a matter of only a click and a couple of seconds. 

Provides Secure Asset Allocation

Brands store and use many digital assets, many of which serve to create visual representations of the brand. Some of these assets, like logos, should be easily shared and distributed. Other assets, like demos and in-progress product designs should be kept secure, shared only between relevant roles.

A DAM solution provides capabilities for granular access control. You can choose to share certain assets with all of the organization, while keeping other assets secure and inaccessible. This way, trade secrets, demos, and prototypes can be kept securely, while still being part of the centralized digital asset hub.

Types of Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solutions

While DAM solutions originated from basic metadata catalogues, today DAM is a category all on its own. However, since many still refer to basic metadata catalogues and ad-hoc MarTech as DAM, it is worth understanding the differences between these types of solutions. 

Basic metadata catalogues

A basic metadata catalogue provides a centralized location to store and organize rich media files in one digital library. These libraries cannot store all digital asset files. Rather, the catalogues support only rich media files, like images. 

WordPress, which is a popular content management system (CMS), uses basic metadata catalogues to store the rich media files uploaded to each site. The library is simple and not sophisticated, making it very slow to work with when you need to distribute thousands of media files.

Ad-hoc MarTech

Ad-hoc marketing technology solutions, also known as MarTech, provide features dedicated to specific marketing tasks. These features are typically designed to extend the existing capabilities of a solution, and can easily be installed or deactivated. 

WordPress plugins, for example, provide extended features, including media libraries that can better organize rich media content. 

Centralized DAM solutions

DAM solutions are designed especially to serve as a centralized hub for digital asset management. These solutions can store almost any file type, provide granular access control, easy sharing features, and smart searching and auto-tagging capabilities powered by AI.

Some DAM solutions also provide features for bulk actions. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to upload, download, modify, share, and distribute digital assets. You can integrate your various channels to the DAM solution, and then easily and dynamically manage and distribute all of your assets.


A digital asset management solution provides features that go beyond the basic metadata catalogues of ancient Internet times or clumsy library plugins that slow down sites. A DAM solution is not just a centralized repository for digital assets, not just a collaboration tool, not just a solution for easy distribution. A DAM solution is dynamic and smart, letting you serve users with personalized and highly-relevant content.