Three Reasons to Pursue Your MBA Now

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Making the decision to pursue your MBA is one of the biggest investments you can make in yourself. Whether you’re on a specific career path or thinking about pivoting, pursuing your MBA degree at the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business can help you accomplish your career goals. Here’s why:

Networking is crucial

…to professional growth and success in business. The problem is, a person’s network is typically limited to their place of work. Sure, you can attend conferences. But conferences only last a weekend or at most a week. When you enroll in an MBA program, however, you have the potential to expand your network exponentially. At Kellstadt, there are many ways to do this:

  • In class, you’re sitting with people from many different companies that have many different connections and experiences. Class sizes are small too, which makes creating those connections easier.
  • You have access to student organizations and the Kellstadt Career Management Center, both of which provide a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow your network outside the classroom.
  • Want to go even further? You can take an international business seminar trip to really expand your horizons and build connections overseas.

Kellstadt faculty are also an excellent resource for making connections, getting advice and learning about opportunities. Faculty bring students face-to-face with industry experts, whether that’s through guest lecturers or a class visit to an organization. They’re known for their real-world connections and expertise and are always eager to support students if you connect with them about your goals.

Even after you graduate, you’re forever connected to a vast alumni network of DePaul business alumni, including DePaul’s Alumni Sharing Knowledge Network (ASK).

Adding to your skills & knowledge opens more doors

There are many opportunities in the job market right now, but there have also been many layoffs happening at companies. You can’t control external factors, but you can control what you bring to the table by adding to your skills and knowledge with an MBA.

Doing this makes you more marketable as a job candidate and more valuable as an employee.

At work, it’s not always possible to take on new projects that will expand your skills and experiences. But as an MBA student, you can experiment and take risks with class projects that will help you learn in a supportive environment. Many courses at Kellstadt incorporate data analytics, which gives you experience working with and analyzing data to make decisions. This is a skillset that companies increasingly want to see in their employees.

Employers notice when you’re investing in yourself. Why? Because when you have more skills and knowledge, you bring more value to the company. Dedicating yourself to an MBA shows that you’re not just coming in to do a job, but that you’re willing to go that extra mile. This can open up opportunities for career advancement and promotions.

Kellstadt will help you execute

Okay, so you’re working on adding new skills and making the effort to network—that’s great. But having a plan for what you want to do with your MBA is what makes everything come together. Being a student at Kellstadt means you have access to career advisors to help you chart your path forward. This guidance from advisors coupled with guidance from faculty will help you determine where to focus your energies so that you’re being strategic.

At Kellstadt, you have a support system, resources, peers and a solid foundation from which to launch the next chapter of your career. All these elements are important when it comes to carving out your future. Because even if you have a specific goal in mind, everybody needs a little help along the way.

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February 13, 2023