All About Kellstadt’s Course Modalities for Fall 2021

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By Nadia Alfadel Coloma

The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and the Driehaus College of Business are gearing up to offer in-person learning opportunities on campus this fall. We’re excited to safely welcome students back into our classrooms, but we also recognize the importance of flexibility to accommodate different learning styles and student needs.

Courses will remain fully online this spring and summer, but this fall we’ll offer five course modalities that include in-person learning, online learning and a blend of in-person and remote. To help you prepare for fall class registration, which opens April 29, here’s a description of each of the college’s fall course modes.

  1. On-Campus Mode (P)

If you’ve missed learning in the classroom, this course mode is for you. Registering for the “P” mode means you attend class on campus with your peers and faculty member. On-demand and pre-recorded course content on D2L will complement the in-person learning experience. What will it be like on campus? DePaul and the business college will share information about on-campus policies and guidelines regarding health and safety as we get closer to fall.

  1. Flex Mode (FL)

Maybe you miss being in the classroom, but you also enjoy the perks of online learning. The Flex mode offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to choose between attending class in-person on one day or via Zoom synchronously the next. The advantage of Flex is that you have the option to choose, based on the demands of your work, life or schedule – where you want to attend class. Your faculty member will teach from a classroom on-campus that is equipped with technology to engage both in-person and remote learners simultaneously.

  1. Hybrid (HB)

The Hybrid mode, like Flex, also offers the best of online and in-person learning. However, there are two main differences. When you register for a “HB” course, the expectation is that you will alternate between attending class in person one session and engaging with the class online the following session, and so on. Another difference is that the online component of Hybrid is asynchronous, which means students access pre-recorded course content on-demand versus synchronous live class sessions on Zoom, like you would with Flex. 

  1. Online Hybrid (OH)

Online Hybrid is a fully online course mode that blends synchronous learning (remote into a live class via Zoom) with asynchronous learning (engage with class content on your own, on-demand). This option allows you the opportunity for regular live interactions with your faculty member and peers since tuning into the class live via Zoom is an essential part of the class experience.

  1. Online Asynchronous (OA)

This popular online mode is the most flexible, allowing you to fit the course around the demands of your own schedule. All course content is pre-recorded with optional live remote activities. As with all courses at Kellstadt, regardless of mode, your faculty member is available to connect with you on an individual basis.

In truth, there is no going “back” to business as usual. At Kellstadt, we are committed to moving forward in innovative ways that inspire learning, connection and a sense of empowerment in our students. Talk to a Kellstadt advisor if you have questions about the fall course modalities, and stay up-to-date on the college’s fall 2021 plans on this FAQ webpage.

DePaul University continues to follow health and safety guidelines from local and state officials to protect the wellbeing of our campus community.

Nadia Alfadel Coloma (MA ’11) is a communication analyst at the Driehaus College of Business and the editor of the Inside Kellstadt blog. 


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April 15, 2021