School Hosts 6th Annual Chicago Audit Executives Roundtable

The School of Accountancy & MIS, alongside the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Chicago Chapter, hosted the Chicago Audit Executives (CAE) roundtable in January 2020 for the sixth consecutive year.

The event shed light on challenges and opportunities within the internal audit function in organizations, focusing on activities, technology, support and staffing. It opened with updates on DePaul’s Internal Audit Program, followed by the Midwest Internal Audit student networking fair. DePaul faculty also presented their research on trending issues in the internal audit profession, with group discussions that allowed participants to engage deeper into topics, such as strategic planning for internal audit in today’s environment.

Yulia Gurman, chief audit executive at Packaging Corporation of America, reflected on the value of the annual event: “The roundtables offer a unique opportunity for chief audit executives to discuss common concerns and challenges, share lessons learned, brainstorm best practices, network with peers and encourage interests and advancements towards the profession. I have personally learned a lot during these events and expanded my professional network significantly.”

The CAE roundtable concluded with a panel on career goals and planning, focusing on advice for entry-level professionals and prospective internal auditors. Panelists answered questions on personal branding, professional adaptability and networking.

“I’m grateful for the excellent relationship we have with the Chicago Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors. Many of them are active members of the DePaul IAEP advisory board,” says Professor of Accountancy Sandra Shelton, who led the event with School Director Ray Whittington and Clinical Professor of Accountancy Richard Anderson.

The IIA Chicago Chapter, established in 1943, prides itself on being the internal audit profession’s recognized leader and principal educator. It generously supports scholarship funding at DePaul, awarding five scholarships to qualified students interested in internal auditing each year.

By Shameer Riaz

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