Newsnote: 19th century Vincentian painting acquired

The Vincentiana collections at DePaul University’s Archives/Special Collections has acquired a 19th century Vincentian painting by the artist Andre-Joseph Bodem. (1791-1830?) Believed to have been a commission for l’hopital Saint-Joseph in Compeigne, France run by the Daughters of Charity. The hospital was built in the second quarter of the 19th century. The painting is in a hospital setting. In the background right a ward with numbered beds can be seen. Many of these pre-modern religious hospitals would have separate wards for men and women. The wards would flank the chapel. At mass and other prayer times the curtain separating the wards would be pulled back so that the patients could see and hear the religious services. This hospital chapel had an altar dedicated to Saint Vincent de Paul. The Daughters of Charity is flanked by a representative old woman and man. They surely represent the hospital’s patients. The dress of the couple supports a c. 1825 date for the painting. Bodem’s records indicate commissions for several paintings of Saint Vincent de Paul. One in particular is identified for the hospital at Compeigne. Our presumption is that this is that painting. Dimensions: Height: 18.5″ Width: 13.25″ The painting was restored by Faye Wrubel of “2 Preserve Arts, Inc.”