Lawful Assembly 27: Stop the Burning


This is an interview with Rev. Craig B. Mousin, an Adjunct Faculty member of the DePaul University’s College of Law, Refugee and Forced Migrations Studies Program and the Grace School of Applied Diplomacy. The podcast explores the recent efforts to censor and self-censor books in our public schools and libraries.  It links some of that censorship to a fear of the newcomer and our nation’s failure to legislate comprehensive immigration reform.


Thank a librarian and ask how you can help stop the burning.  For more information, the Intellectual Freedom Office of the American Library Association offers resources at:


The Washington Post article on self-censorship and national statistics was written by Hannah Natanson, March 22, 2022: “Schools nationwide are quietly removing books from their libraries” at:

The quote from Fahrenheit 451 can be found at:  Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (Simon and Schuster, N.Y., 2012) (Sixtieth Anniversary Edition), p. 134.

Abraham Lincoln described the moral sentiment of a belief that all are created equal in his speech in Springfield, Illinois on July, 10, 1858.  The Speeches of Abraham Lincoln, Including His Inaugurals and Proclamations (Lincoln Centenary Association, NY: 1908), pp. 72-74.  I previously discussed Lincoln’s support of immigration in “Rescinding DACA: More than Just the Dreamers,” Update: Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities Newsletter, (Fall 2017) which can be found at:

You can order a copy of All Are Welcome from your favorite bookstore or find it at:

You may also find a copy of In My Mosque at your favorite bookstore or:







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