Interfaith Vigil for Haiti: The True Essence of Being Better Together

Today’s post is by Nic Cable, a senior at Depaul, pursuing a double major in Religious Studies and Peac, Justice, and Conflict Studies. He is serving his second year as an Interfaith Scholar at DePaul University and is the Director of the Better Together Campaign at this institution.

Next Wednesday night, students will be gathering to commemorate the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that killed, injured, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti.

We come together for many different reasons and from many walks of life. However, amidst all of our differences, we all share a common belief that human beings deserve to live not in poverty, hunger, and homelessness, but with the appropriate amenities to live healthy and dignified lives.

This core belief springs from different places for each of us. For some it is from a religious text or teaching instilled in them from their childhood; for others it is a book they read or conversation they had with a loved one that sparked the belief. Regardless of where it emerges, we share this bond of love and compassion for our fellow global citizens.

Whether one is affiliated with a religious tradition, exploring the religious and spiritual market, or content in the ethical and philosophical tradition to which they live, the Better Together Campaign at DePaul University is working to bringing these people together to rally around a common cause. That cause is justice. We are coming together to begin again the process of working for justice, where justice is clearly due.

That is the purpose of the Better Together Campaign at DePaul University: to build community, to work for justice, and to celebrate the oneness of all humanity.

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