Working on Campus

This week I am going to talk about working on campus!  Currently, I have three on campus jobs that include writing weekly for DeBlogs, planning events through Special Projects Assistant for DePaul Housing Services, and lastly as a Chicago Quarter Mentor (CQM) through the Office of New Student and Family Engagement.  I love all of these jobs and love working on campus so much!

Having three jobs may seem intimidating, but DePaul ensures that no student is put under too much stress by enforcing a 25 hour maximum work week for students.  Through my three jobs, I do almost exactly 25 hours of work each week. This number can also seem intimidating, but remember working at only one job would reduce your work hours quite a lot.  DePaul staff is very flexible with the number of work hours you want to work each week, as long as you do not exceed 25. I have also found that the staff at DePaul are very accommodating with your schedule.  I always try to make sure to ask off from work two weeks in advance just to give my boss a heads up, and there is typically no problem. The staff understands that we are very busy people, and also understand that our studies and health comes first!  

In addition to the flexible hours, I also love that these jobs have let me become more involved with the DePaul community.  By having this job I have met people from various offices in DePaul that have became great friends and mentors as well. I have also had the opportunity to be a mentor to new students as a Chicago Quarter Mentor.  Having a job on campus allows you to meet many people at DePaul and grow your connections in Chicago.

Well, if I have sold you, I definitely recommend checking out the DePaul campus job board!  The job board ranks the difficulty of the jobs from A-C and also includes a description of the job, the requirements needed to apply, how many hours you would need to work a week, and more.  Jobs are constantly being posted on the board so if there is not one that catches your interest instantly, don’t fret!       

-Sydney Snell