Working On A DePaul Student Film Set


This summer I had the opportunity to work on ‘Iconique,’ a web series written, directed by, and starring one of my dear friends, Etoilé Tomacic. She is a Junior and a Film and TV Major with a concentration in Showrunning here at DePaul. I participated in four out of ten days on this shoot as a BTS Photographer and Actor! I learned so much during this experience, and it helped me feel prepared for working on professional sets.

A key thing I learned during this experience is the importance of networking! This production had 50+ crew members, and it was important to get to know as many people as you can. Set days are long, and it’s amazing to have such great conversations with other filmmakers.

On a DePaul Student Film Set is crew members working to set up lighting.

I met incredible students and alumni, who were so willing to assist those around them and use this experience as a learning opportunity. Since being on this set, I have seen many of these students in my classes and around campus! After working so closely with them, it was amazing to see so many familiar faces on campus. 

Another thing I loved about this set is being able to observe the other roles on set. I learned a lot from my peers. Being in this setting made it easy to catch close up glimpses of other crew positions that I was previously not interested in. But, seeing these students in action I thought: I can do that too!

Overall, I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to work on DePaul student sets. There are always opportunities to join a student crew at DePaul. Use your resources and get involved!

~ Marina

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