Why Living on Campus is Preferable

Among the thousands of students at DePaul, plenty of students decide to commute, live on campus, or find apartments near campus which create different experiences for each student. Discovering the benefits of choosing campus living can help you make the decision about living on or off campus in regard to activities, cost, convenience, and overall enjoyment. From being able to enjoy close company with hundreds of students around the area along with activities in Lincoln Park and downtown Chicago, there are endless experiences to gain and people to meet while living in the area.

From the abundance of peers to get in contact with around the school in classes, events, clubs, sports groups, etc. to the plethora of locations around the area, there is never a time when the campus isn’t lively. Learning about places to check out in the Lincoln Park and Loop campus by asking friends, searching online, and roaming the area can lead to fun discoveries and opportunities. The options of places to check out are never-ending and can include restaurants, parks, gyms, museums, conservatories, the beach, clothing stores, and so much more!

Pricing is likely an important factor in your decision which may be an issue for some as the costs of apartments near the area can exceed some budgets. According to zumper.com, an updated analysis states that rent is, on average, $1,895 for a 1-bedroom apartment, $2,800 for a 2-bedroom, and $3,700 for a 3-bedroom. Although there are lower-cost options and living with roommates will lower the overall cost, it is a difficult decision.

In addition to off-campus apartments, there are plenty of on-campus housing options which include residence halls for freshmen and on-campus apartments for sophomores and up. Along with these options, there is a meal plan which allows you to eat with other students in the dining hall with tons of food options for everyone to enjoy! The housing rates can be found here and the meal plan pricing can be calculated here.

Making the choice between living on campus and commuting may be a difficult choice based on cost, food, safety, involvement, and convenience so factoring all these options will be a necessary step in taking the leap to being on campus. The positives and potential experiences may outweigh the negatives as being near friends, resources, restaurants, attractions, gyms, and the heart of Chicago will always be worthy reasons to look into campus living when coming to DePaul.