Why I love DePaul’s Quarter System 

 DePaul’s Quarter System means four 10-week classes, long breaks, and plenty of time to balance school and your personal life. We start school in September, which is the perfect time to get back in school mode as summer is coming to an end. Typically, students take 4, 4 credit classes for a total of 16 credits. Classes are usually scheduled Monday through Thursday. Yes, no Friday classes!! (unless you’re taking a class that has labs on Friday). I usually double up one day or take an online course, that way I can have even more days off to focus on school work or explore the city! 

The quarter system makes classes go by very quickly. We have midterms during week 5, which is just over a month back into school. This makes it especially important to stay on top of your schedule and keep track of your assignments. But, most importantly: You need to attend class! There aren’t as many classes compared to the semester system, so you don’t want to miss them unless absolutely necessary. Lucky for you, we have a break for over a month right after the end of the fall quarter. This allows students to travel home for the holidays and take a much-needed break after working so hard. The break lasts all the way from Thanksgiving until New Year. You can definitely brag to all your friends that you’re STILL on break!

Overall, the quarter system is great! It allows students time to focus not only on school but also themselves. Being in college can be very stressful, but the quarter system can help alleviate some stress by giving you a break to look forward to, and a fast-paced learning environment so you’re never bored.  

~ Marina

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