Why Choose DePaul?

DePaul University contains plentiful amounts of activities, people, teachers, resources, etc. to check out and learn throughout your college experience. Over the course of the DePaul experience, one will indulge in the many unique aspects of DePaul which stand out amongst other schools and make your college experience unique. With prominent attractions around Chicago and DePaul, there are countless activities and places to check out throughout your time.

1. The Campus

DePaul’s Lincoln Park and Loop campuses have endless amounts of activities to try out and places to visit such as restaurants, parks, gyms, the library, the Quad, the Student Center, etc. Looking into the options of spots to relax, have fun, make friends, and study can be an excellent and convenient way of enjoying DePaul’s unique Chicago campuses!

2. Resources 

DePaul provides an abundance of offices and buildings to help students improve academically, physically, and mentally. Buildings such as The Ray, Schmitt Academic Center, Student Center, University Center, John T Richardson Library, and more include spaces that can be utilized for improvement or relaxing.

3. Food 

Next, the endless restaurants and food spots scattered in and around either campus along with the dining halls are essential to the DePaul experience. Nutritious options include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, American, French, Italian, etc. and can lead to discoveries for your palette! Just a quick search and you’ll be met with a long list of highly rated restaurants to visit and experience new foods!

4. Chicago

Location is a major piece of the DePaul experience as Chicago, being one of America’s biggest cities, has so much to look forward to! Opportunities include museums, food, tourist attractions, music, events, concerts, people, beaches, parks, zoos, and much more can be checked out and learned about in your time at Chicago. There is never a boring moment in Chicago as there are such a wide variety of incredible activities to participate in. The best part is you have plenty of time so you don’t have to see and do everything right away.

5. Student Life

In addition to the amazing campus, the students and faculty create an unforgettable experience with events, concerts, resources, clubs, greek life, and entertainment. There’s always something happening on campus and always something that catches your interests leading to many memorable experiences.