What You Need To Know About Getting a Campus Job 

1. How To Get One

The DePaul Campus Job Board lists all of the available positions on campus across the departments. I found both of my on-campus jobs on this job board. You can upload your resume, cover letter, and any other supplemental documentation you need to apply through the job board. When searching for a job, you can add filters such as the level of specialty required and location. 

2. What It’s like working on Campus 

Working on campus has been so much fun for me. It has allowed me to network and connect with other students in the field that I am pursuing. My on-campus jobs have prepared me for working in the field. I am also able to interact with other students through my job which has been an incredible way to make friends and find familiar faces in our school community. 

3. Where to work 

I have two on-campus jobs. One of them is at the Ray, which is the DePaul campus recreational center.  My role is a social media specialist on the marketing team. This role has been very beneficial in my learning process as my career goal is to work in Social Media Marketing. I have developed graphic design, photography, and communication skills. My coworkers and I formed a quick bond and learned how to collaborate successfully in order to create for the Ray’s social media! My other on-campus job is writing DeBlogs! I write these posts remotely from the comfort of my dorm. This job has also been super fun and beneficial to me. I really love creating DePaul content and writing about my experiences as a student here. Plus the flexibility of having a remote on-campus job has allowed me to set aside my free time to work during the busy school year. 

4. What to do 

Search for roles that will benefit you! When you’re looking on the campus job board, try to find opportunities that fit your desired field or will help you develop skills that can be useful in your career. For example, taking on a role as a receptionist in a campus building can better improve your communication and computer skills, and also allow you to network. I highly recommend applying to on-campus jobs!


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