What to do in Between College Classes at DePaul

A lot of times there seems to be that awkward gap between classes. You can’t go home, but you also aren’t ready to eat lunch for an hour and a half. Sometimes the gap may be before class. As a commuter, I don’t always get a choice on when I get there, so I am usually very early. I do have a couple things I do to fill the gaps before, between, and even after classes.

1. Homework

Obviously, school work does need to get done. I try to sandwich it; like have my lunch, relax and then do some work and stop 5-10 minutes before my next class to just change my mindset. Additionally, it never hurts to work on projects and readings and maybe even get ahead. 


An open notebook with writing it in it. With a pencil, highlighter and pen across the page.
Sienna a college student holding up a drink smiling, with a stuffed sloth sitting next to another cup on a blue tablecloth.

2. Attend an Event

On a more fun note, the Loop Life Office always has something going on. This week I attended the Chai and Crafts which was super fun. You get to meet new people, make a craft, and drink tea and it offers a great break. 



3. Explore a DePaul Resource

There’s the Career Center, Idea Realization Lab, Coleman Center and so much more. There are often workshops going on or you can just hang out at one of these places. You can also visit a teacher during office hours if they align with your schedule.

An office with “Career Center” written on top in the left half of the photo. With glass doors open and welcoming in DePauls Loop Campus. On the right as sign saying “welcome to IRL 1” and behind the sign is a work space.
A patio seating with a restaurant's windows of “Fontano’s” on front. Advertising sandwiches and an open sign on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

4. Explore Chicago

Because we are in the city there is so much to explore. If you have an hour or so to kill, stop by the Art Institute or try out a new store. Walking down State Street there are so many options, especially for a bite to eat. My new favorite spot in the loop is Fontano’s Subs and Pizzeria on S. Michigan Ave. It’s a great way to get out and about and see more of Chicago!

5. Take a Walk

Especially as the weather gets nicer, I try to take advantage of that and take a walk. It might seem like there is no green space, but the Loop Campus is super close to the LakeFront, and Buckingham fountain. Getting outside in the sun for a little bit is also good for your mental health too!

Chicago park with benches, trees and brush, with the Chicago Skyline in the background.

I try to balance my free time with homework and such while also doing things that are fun. That doesn’t mean it is not okay just to relax. There are plenty of times where I just curl up with a book between classes and read. Just make sure to set an alarm so you don’t miss class!


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