What Makes DePaul Great?

Your journey at DePaul University will lead to opportunities to experience college life to the fullest, meeting friends, improving your academics, and having lots of fun. The list of incredible and unique aspects of DePaul is endless from the beautiful campus to being in the center of Chicago, there are so many things to look forward to as a DePaul student! Visiting campus and taking a tour will allow one to capture the stunning views, architecture, and resources present at DePaul that students are able to check out and utilize accessibly.

A major point of interest at DePaul that is usually overlooked are events that are hosted involving entertainment, learning, and networking that spread across the academic year. Events include the Career Fair, DePaul After Dark, greek life, campus-wide events, and FEST. Throughout the year students can participate in various events to hang out with friends or meet new people which can create amazing memories and connections. Checking the DeHub Campus Events site often can be great if you’re looking for something to do!

The Involvement Fair is one of the events that DePaul hosts in the beginning of the school year in which incoming and returning students are able to check out clubs and groups. Checking the fair out and joining clubs that interest you, whether it be a hobby, sport, or professional-related group, is easily one of the most effective ways of meeting peers with similar interests as you. Make sure you don’t miss this event as you may end up meeting lifetime friends or creating lifelong memories through the groups you join!

Finally, you can’t forget about the prime location that DePaul sits in, Chicago. As one of the largest cities in America, there is so much to look forward to when living here. Surrounding the Lincoln Park area you can check out the zoo, beach, conservatory, pond, and Oz Park which are all in walking distance and are beautiful spots to go out with friends. In the downtown area you can check out the Riverwalk, Magnificent Mile, museums, restaurants, beach, and Millennium Park which are just a few of the many spectacular places to relax, have fun, and experience Chicago to the fullest. DePaul is an excellent choice academically and socially; after a stressful or tiring week of homework, you’ll be able to destress with endless fun and enjoyable things to do!

~ Alex

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