What I’ve Learned About Myself Through the Pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, I remember thinking that my life and everything around me was falling apart. Now, as I reflect on all the ways I’ve changed I realize that I would not be the person I am today without over a year of isolation. 

The first thing I learned about myself around May, is that I cannot work in the same area for long periods of time. Before the pandemic, I would always go to a coffee shop or a park to do my work and get away from my house. After about two months of doing work from home, I felt like I was going crazy, I completely lost all motivation for everything. I rearranged my room, and this feeling went away, so I have been rearranging my room before every quarter and it has helped me stay focused. 

One of the tougher things I’ve learned about myself this year is that although I love being alone, isolation is not good for me for extended periods of time. This has been a recent realization for me, since I love being by myself, but I have started to notice that now being around other people makes me anxious. I’ve started to purposely put myself out of my comfort zone by going to a park alone to study. I’ve found that doing scary things makes me feel better afterwards.

This past year has been rough on everyone, but I am very proud of myself for finding out that I am able to get myself through the hardest times.