What DePaul Offers YOU!

I have been lucky to call DePaul University my home for the past three years! In my time here I have built a community of friends, learned from industry professionals, and had a unique fun on-campus experience!

Our university campus is unique because it is situated in the middle of a big city! Living in a diverse, beautiful city allows students independence, and access to opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have in a college town. As an on-campus Chicago Loop resident, I have so much fun living in the city! Each day I get to wake up in Downtown Chicago and make the short walk over to my classes. 

DePaul offers small class sizes, and most of my classes have less than thirty students! This means that our community is very tight-knit and makes it easy to make friends here! By the end of my freshman year, I had already made very close friends, even when my classes were on Zoom. I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with other DePaul students. As someone who previously struggled to make friends in high school, I have never had that problem here. Blue Demons are friendly and willing to meet new people!

Along with fellow students, I have built connections with my professors, who are also incredibly friendly people! DePaul typically does not have TAs teaching classes which means that you get to know your professors very well, and you have the option to take multiple classes with them! DePaul’s professors are qualified and knowledgeable about their fields, and many still work in them while teaching simultaneously! They are great to network with and gain insight from. 

Overall, I am very satisfied with my choice to attend DePaul University and I truly could not imagine my college experience any other way! I have found my forever friends, built incredible connections with my teachers, and explored the city of Chicago in a whole new way! I will be a proud Blue Demon forever!



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