Welcome to Zoom University

This is a strange and crazy time for everyone. From campus closing down right before finals and getting classes put online for all of spring quarter there has definitely been a need to adjust to this new situation.

For me, I was the most nervous about keeping up with all of my classes. Two of my classes were posting podcasts and the other two were doing Zoom meetings with the whole class. So I needed to make sure that I could keep up with the two different class structures. Instead of getting a planner, I decided to take advantage of the chalkboard I have in my room. Every Sunday night, I go through all my classes on D2L and I write down all of the assignments and readings that I have to do. That way, I can always see what I have to do and because I am always in my room, it is an easy way to keep track of everything. I also strangely find writing in chalk to be fun because it reminds me of my childhood, so I do not get annoyed doing it.

Another thing that I have needed to get used to is not really having a schedule for every day. For school, like most of us, I based my schedule on what classes and meetings I had to go to that day. Now, since only two of my classes are not being done through Zoom, I have two days where I have no classes. One those days I found myself not doing anything because it felt like a day off even though I had a lot of work to do. To combat this, I decided to make a general schedule for all of my days so that things seemed somewhat normal and  I could keep a good pace with my schoolwork without getting overwhelmed.

 I have also been making sure that I am keeping in touch with my friends so   my days stay normal. Every day I try to schedule a FaceTime call with one   of my friends. It adds something extra to do to my days and it also helps   out with my sanity because I am a very talkative person. Without talking   to my friends, it gets hard not being able to talk to my friends on campus   every day.

Overall, this transition has been hard from time to time, but by adding things to your day that makes things seem normal makes a huge difference and helps pass the time.



– Kaitlyn Milligan